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The main difference between mice and rats

What is the difference between mice and rats? For many, the answer may be quite surprising. And it should be. Why are they not similar at all? Let’s find out the difference between these two rodents, to know why they have such different characteristics.

The differences between mice and rats?

difference between mice and rats

The two rodents differ from each other both in shape and size. Even their habits are very different. Mice live for about 2 years, put on a diet of 10% to 15%, whereas rats can last up to 3 days without food as long as they survive regular drops.

Another difference between these animals is the way each lives regardless just by themselves or close with others who are also not so hardy! The number of mice is about 60 billion, but rats are smaller in numbers with just 3.5 trillion!

Rats generally live on small islands that may be as large as a few hectares while mice colonies simply depend on small habitats such as apartments and garbage containers. The density of their population varies between 70 to 100 per square meter, so it is quite astonishing that one mouse only has the capacity to kill over 300 rats in its lifetime.

Another benefit for short rodents ( rodents are categorized into four types) is that they can kill ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. But besides being successful predators of pests, mice do actually have an array of other health benefits due to their regular diets; these include cardiovascular support as well as strong immune systems! So it should be no wonder then why there are over 5 billion people who spend a part or the whole day having fun with cats and dogs because their lives revolve around our cuddling them!

Where Do Mice And Rats Live?

Ment for short, mice live virtually everywhere but rats can not go past the cities. Here’s where they’re most likely to find themselves: For example; in homes and hotels as well their living habitats. We expect a messy life from mice with an all-out invasion of their pipes within our abodes – water leaks appear all over the place along with dropping food scraps in our sinks, garbage cans and plates. While for rats their spaces include natural cavities such as holes in the walls close by to underground water lines.

They also can be found in any secluded locations like old abandoned buildings in urban areas or seldom used living quarters unless they are completely isolated from other places! Cat-lovers do not have it easy either though where there is thoughtlessness with regards to mice infestations, because these furballs often get drawn in by other pets or even young children! If a house is too domesticated for mice, then try getting rid of rats instead. Trapping rodents can be done so that the problem will not spread further and to prevent them from bringing home an influx of pests into your domicile.


There are many types of rats. The biggest difference between mice and rats is that the latter don’t have good eyesight, but they can hear and smell things. Mice can see well, but not as well as humans. Rats are small rodents with thick fur, especially around their tail. They live in groups or colonies and feed on grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

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