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The Fedora hat is a style statement – Here’s what you need to know about it

Each generation reflects its distinctive style sense! And in recent years, the Fedora hats have been gaining prominence worldwide. It is a simple hat, yet it has successfully made a stir in the fashion scene. You will come across fashion bloggers, celebrities, and style-conscious women sporting a fedora every time you look around. There were times when people considered this hat to be a man’s style accessory. But times have changed now. Women are sporting the Fedora hats today with comfort and style.

A brief historical background about the Fedora

It was during the 1800s that the Fedora came into existence and was considered an upper-class style accessory. During the 1940s, this hat gained immense popularity for getting featured in popular films. Famous gangsters and detectives in the movies were sporting this hat. To date, this hat is growing in popularity as numerous variants got introduced. For instance, if you browse around, you will come across the straw fedora hat womens.

A few fashion tips to consider

The Fedora is all about style, elegance, and sophistication. Today, both men and women sport it with great style. Whether you are searching for a casual hat, a light summer hat, or your dress hat, there are a few tips that women need to consider when they are planning to sport a fedora. Read also: How to stretch polyester shirt?

  • It would be best if you planned when you want to wear it. The fedora hats look formal, and today women have been wearing them with both casual and formal attire. Afedora can complement both looks. However, if you wish to use it for various attires, you must remember that when you browse for one. It would help you decide whether you would sport this hat with your formal dress or flaunt it as your summer hat. This hat can cater to all occasions.
  • Choose the material and color. Your clothes and the setting will decide on the fedora hat type that is correct for you.
  • If you have a summer setting and want to wear it during the daytime, you can opt-in for a straw fedora as it is lightweight and enables the breeze to pass through.
  • However, if it’s a colder setting and you intend to wear it during the evening, make sure that you opt for a twill or dark felt Fedora that caters to your needs.
  • Are you planning to wear the Fedora with your suit? If yes, match the suit color with the hat. That means, if your suit is of gray or black color, select a gray or black fedora. In the same way, choose a brown Fedora for your brown suits.
  • It is essential to have the correct fit. The hat fit must be snug so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Make sure to keep the back of the fedora brim tilted up. You can either tilt up the front brim or leave it straight.

Essential points to consider about the Fedora

  • Usually, the fedora hats vary with their shape, height, brim width, and a few details that bring to mind particular eras. There is no need to consider your facial structure every time. However, you must know the look that you intend to project. When you have determined your hat shape, you need to select the width of the ribbon. If the ribbons are wide with a bow, it is formal. Thin ribbons signify a casual look. You can say the same about the brim. An upturned back and snap front is considered conventional, and when it’s up, it’s a dress-down option.
  • The fedora hat color is always a personal choice. However, you can never go wrong with brown or grey. The brown fedoras are reminiscent of the Indiana Jones archetype. It would help if you contrasted the hat with your outfit. According to fashion experts, you can always opt-in for an exact match, but a slight contrast looks pleasant, such as a grey fedora goes well with a navy suit. Also, a brown fedora will complement a green or grey suit. Few think of grey as a formal color. Hence, brown is a cooler option to go with a flannel suit and denim. You might also love the tan option and match it accordingly with your outfit.

Last but not least, the fedora hats complement the winter and fall season more. Owing to its structure on the head, the hat works perfectly well when wearing a full suit. There is no compulsion that you need to wear a 1940s era suit. However, you know should that skinny pants and a hugging jacket are not the best cut. You should wear comfortable clothing. If you add scarves, coats, and sweaters to your attire, it complements the hat better. With these guidelines and pointers in mind, you will be better equipped to buy and sport a fedora.

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