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The Basics of Web Design for Business Owners

Think of your website as your shop. The key to success is offering a user friendly design. Your design mantra is three-fold: attract, retain and convert.

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Giving competitors your business?

Today’s competitive online market is saturated with websites that are similar to yours. If your visitors cannot find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll easily find it somewhere else. Give your users a clean, uncluttered landing page with a focused design, and they’ll stay.

It’s a good idea to explore the psychological elements behind web design, such as how trust is valued by today’s consumer. Many of these principles help ground and focus your website design.

These five principles form the core of successful website design:

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Don’t clutter your page. Multi-column layouts feel like a great idea, but are a challenge to pull off successfully. Keep your layout focused. Ask for feedback, such as what visitors remember or what their first impression was.


Good navigation goes hand in hand with good design. Examine your navigation menu. Consider the main things your visitors are looking for, and only include those options. Detailed content can be stored in sidebars or related links.

Colour and media

Most websites neglect colour, image and video to communicate their story. We are drawn to visuals that connect us with what we are looking for. A personalised video does wonders for your conversion rate. Your visitors connect and trust authenticity. Much has been written about the psychology of colour, so choose colours that communicate how you want your visitor to feel.

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Allow your professional enthusiasm for what you do to shine through your words – tell your business’ story. Your designer will help clarify your message and carry it through the design and content.

Call to action

If your website is your shop, your landing page is your salesperson. It needs to close the deal to fulfil its purpose. Make your call to action clear and powerful. Give your user something to do that creates a deeper connection with your business, such as contacting you or taking advantage of your special online discounts. For Cafes or Restaurants near Olympia Theatre area etc, including a map of their location on their website will make sure they are easily found, this will prevent confusion and will make sure they don’t lose business.

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