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Spiral ducting: applications and benefits

We used to think of air conditioning as a foreign luxury, but it can provide enormous benefits in our factories, offices, schools and homes. While the main purpose is usually temperature control, it also provides an opportunity to control the quality of the air we breathe.

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Air pollution is an ever-growing hazard. Toxins come from car exhausts, home furnishings, and even from factories hundreds of miles away. Air pollution may not be as visible as it was in the sixties, but it is killing more people. The Royal Colleges of Physicians say outdoor air causes 40,000 UK deaths a year. This is in addition to the pollution inside our homes and workplaces.

Spiral duct has made it easier to install air conditioning systems in workshops, offices and residential buildings than ever before.

What is different about spiral duct?

This lightweight metal tubing is easy to suspend from ceilings, install in floor voids or conceal behind walls. Its circular cross-section is perfect for allowing the air to flow freely, minimising power consumption and compressor noise. It is very easy to cut to length, lift into place and create airtight seals.

You can use either galvanised (zinc-coated) or stainless steel. Its spiral construction makes it pretty good looking, but galvanised ducting can easily be run from room to room on outside walls. Stainless runs are often preferred internally, especially in areas of food preparation as it resists bacterial growth and is easy to clean.

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The curved surface of spiral duct fittings makes it very difficult for dust to accumulate anywhere inside the system, decreasing the need for maintenance and improving your air quality. With the addition of various kinds of filters, you can eliminate almost any kind of pollution – even bacteria.

Integrated HVAC solutions

As a temperature solution, especially in larger buildings, there is no easier way to direct heat – or cooling – where it is needed, thereby saving money. As a dust solution, you can be even more specific – with the right attachments, you can direct it to the exact places where workshop activities or laser printers are generating fumes.

A ductwork system rolls three or more benefits into one. You can heat, cool, dust extract and purify the air everyone breathes. Better air quality and climate control enables families and employees to live longer more productive lives.

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