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Problems that can occur with your boiler

Boilers are just like any other appliance in your home. They need to be regularly maintained and looked after and one of the ways this can be done is to have a Boiler Servicing Belfast company such as belfast-gas.com/boiler-repair-belfast/ give your boiler an annual service. These services help to identify any areas of your boiler that are no longer working as efficiently as they used to or give an early indication of areas that might need to be looked at.

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There are some common problems that can occur with your boiler and a company like the one above can help you with any repair work that you might need.

  • Pressure issues – if the pressure in your boiler is too low this can cause issues with the heating in your home. The low pressure could be as a result of a leak in the system, a faulty or broken seal or valve.

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  • Strange noises – banging, whistling and gurgling are all noises that can indicate that there is something wrong with your boiler and if you can record the noise to share with your engineer they can identify what the issue is. Other than a low level noise when the system kicks in your boiler shouldn’t be making any loud noises.
  • Frozen pipes – this can be a common problem in the winter months and there are ways in which you can help prevent this from happening by using pipe covers. A frozen external pipe can cause problems with your system and this can be indicated by a lack of heat in your system.

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