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Lele Pons net worth, biography and singing career

Lele Pons (June 25, 1996) is a Venezuelan YouTuber who rose to fame within Vine, a platform on which she managed to be the person with the most followers in the world. If you want to know all the aspects of Lele Pons’ biography, you have to stay to read this article. We are sure you will enjoy it!

Lele Pons: a very miamera Venezuelan

The digital world knows her as Lele Pons, but she was born under the name Eleonora Gabriela Pons Maronese. This Caracas-born woman emigrated from Venezuela when she was just five years old, which is why much of her childhood and adolescence was spent in the multicultural city of Miami with her parents, Luis Pons and Anna Maronese.

Lele Pons is the political niece of the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, who is married to her maternal aunt, Marilisa Maronese. Lele had to face criticism of her physical appearance from her classmates, who constantly harassed her. At the end of high school, the Venezuelan decided to leave the city of the sun to move to Los Angeles.

lele pons net worth

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A star born on Vine

Thanks to the advice of her best friend, Lele Pons decided to open an account on Vine, not knowing that this social network would be the platform for international stardom.

I can say that I am a huge fan of Shakira. I love it! The young woman used her sense of humor to entertain, in a few minutes, the world public. The formula worked for her and in a short time, she became a celebrity on different digital platforms.

Lele became the Viner with the most followers in the world, a record she held until the closing of this platform. Sometime later, she migrated to other networks such as Instagram, where she has more than 30 million followers.

More than a YouTuber

After rising to fame, Lele Pons decided to write about her experience with bullying in her book, Surviving High School, which was released in mid-2015.

Shortly afterward, the Caracas-born woman received a contract to participate in the romantic comedy, We Love U, in which she played the character of Carrie.

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Net worth

The artist surprised her fans by showing her singing skills by publishing her first promotional song, Jealous, in which she reflected her Caribbean essence. Few months passed for her audience to enjoy her new single, Telephone ( Remix ), which she performs alongside the renowned Spanish singer, Aitana. Lele pons net worth is about 3 million US dollars.


Lele Pons’ father is a homosexual. The artist assured that she is very proud of her and does not care about comments from haters. Jealous earned her a nomination for Premios Lo Nuestro in the Best Video category, but the singer went home empty-handed. At the beginning of 2019, the socialite premiered its new musical material, Bloqueo, in which it tells the story of a love that is born within social networks.

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