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What Is a Shamrock?

A shamrock, a small sprig, has been a traditional symbol of Ireland for over a thousand years. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is believed to have first used it as a religious symbol, as the symbol of the Trinity. The name shamrock originally comes from the Irish term seamróg, which means “little grasshopper”.

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In fact, the shamrock can be traced back to ancient times in the Northern part of India. Its use as a religious symbol, particularly for Christians, spread rapidly in Europe as people from the new world travelled there during the sixteenth century. The shamrock then became a national symbol of Ireland in 1690, as it was adopted by the British Royal Irish Regiment.

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As the meaning of the shamrock expanded, it was soon associated with other symbols as well. For instance, a shamrock leaf in the shape of a heart is often put on the lapel of an Irishman’s uniform. This shows that it is considered a symbol of love and loyalty in Ireland. There are some who believe that it also represents the spirit world; they say that if the shamrock has a tear or a wound in its stem, it may mean that one has passed over into another world, like death. It is also believed that if a shamrock falls on a grave, then it is a good omen, as it indicates that the body will be delivered to heaven.

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The shamrock has become a very popular plant among tourists in Ireland, as it has become an iconic symbol of the Emerald Isle.


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