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Landlords have these Four Christmas risks

At this festive time of year, there are more risks than usual if you are a landlord. There are many potential problems in the run-up to Christmas, including seasonal robbery, bad weather damage, fire hazards, loud parties and messy guests. Read on for some ways to deal with these issues and make sure you have a trouble-free Christmas time.

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Seasonal Robbery

Thieves like to strike at the festive time of year because people have presents in their homes and there tend to be more technology and gadgets around. If houses have decorations and trees up and ready for the Christmas period, thieves may target these homes as they are also likely to have gifts prepared. Thieves can even take children’s presents.

It is a good idea to only put out the presents on Christmas Eve and keep curtains closed at night. Landlords should check that motion sensors and alarms are fully working at this time of year. It is also important to know if tenants will be away over Christmas and leaving the property unattended.

Bad Weather

Wet and cold weather is bad news for properties. It is vital to check the house to make sure windows and doors are well insulated.  If we get a really bad spell of cold weather and rain it can freeze on the windows and cause cracks or damage to the glass. This can be stopped if you have thinker style windows like Double Glazing Gloucester products found at  links like www.firmfix.co.uk/ and then It is also a good idea to check the roof and structural and plumbing issues. Burst pipes are a nuisance at this time of year, so make sure to prepare your property ahead of the coldest weather.

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Double-check your insurance to make sure it is up to date and covers you for everything you need.
Messy Guests

Tenants are more likely to have guests over holiday times, and messy and loud guests can cause problems. Neighbours won’t like loud parties, while guests’ messes can damage the carpet and soft furnishings. Mud and drinks can get everywhere and be hard to remove.

Fire Hazards

Decorations that use electricity mean there is a greater risk of fire at Christmas. Make sure tenants turn off lights overnight while in bed and that all electrics are checked well to ensure they are in good working order. Do not keep stockings near the fireplace, and always check the smoke detector.

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