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Ingrid Bergman net worth, lifestyle, wiki and bio

Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982) was a Swedish actress who achieved world recognition after participating in one of the most famous films of American cinema, Casablanca. The biography of Ingrid Bergman has everything: Scandals, failed romances, countless wins, and as many defeats. When you meet her, you may identify with her story.

Ingrid Bergman biography

ingrid bergman net worth

Ingrid Bergman had a rather complicated childhood because her mother died when she was just three years old, and her father died when she was 14. For this reason, the then young woman had to live with her paternal uncle, Otto.

Since she was very young, Ingrid was interested in acting, which would help her with her deep shyness. His first steps into theater came when he was 16 years old, acting as an extra in Swedish cinema.

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Despite having dabbled in the seventh art, his true passion was within the theater. However, her uncle Otto was opposed to her being a great actress. His insistence made him let her audition for The Royal Dramatic Theater School, an academy that saw in her an innate talent for comedy.

A short time later, the new artist met Aron Lindström, a dentist she decided to marry in 1937. As a result of this relationship, the actress’s first-born daughter, Pia Lindström, was born, who made journalism her profession.

Ingrid Bergman net worth

Casablanca received eight Academy Award nominations; Among them, Ingrid Bergman was Best Actress for her invaluable performance of Ilsa Lund, recognition that finally did not take home. Ingrid Bergman net worth is about 21 million dollars

Consolidated in the United States

Ingrid Bergman became an international superstar when she signed a contract to participate in the famous Hollywood film Casablanca, set in World War II.

A year after starring in Casablanca, Ingrid received her first Oscar in the Best Actress category for playing Paula Alquist Anton in Luz de Gas ( Luz que agonize ??), which reveals the lives of newlyweds who will have than living with a ghost in their new home.

The star achieved a new feat by being nominated for the third time in a row for the Academy Awards for Best Actress. She did it with her participation in Las Campanas de Santa María, which tells us the story of a nun and a priest who will do everything possible not to close the institute where they work.

Three years later, the famous interpreter would receive her fourth Oscar nomination for her performance in Joan of Arc, a film that shows us every facet of the life of this French heroine.

The forbidden romance between Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini

Ingrid Bergman dared to write a letter to the famous Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini to work with him. The director replied so that a short time later, both began filming their first film, Stromboli, which would be the epicenter of a global scandal.

Sooner rather than later, they both began a relationship, which was prohibited because the actress was married, and he had an affair with an Italian actress. The media took the opportunity to tear them apart when they learned that she was expecting a child from the film director.

Despite the criticism, the couple continued their romance. A few days after the birth of Roberto, their first child together, Ingrid divorced her husband, and the filmmaker did the same with his wife.

A short time later, the marriage had the twins Isotta and Isabella, who came into the world in 1952. Despite the joy that their children produced, their relationship was going through a wrong time due to the constant failures of their films.

For this reason, both decided to separate seven years after having said yes, I want in a private ceremony held in Mexico.

In the same year that she separated from Rossellini, the artist won her second Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Anastasia, set in Paris in the 1950s.

The star showed her talent in productions such as La Flor de Cactus, La Visita, and Question de Tiempo, which had a medium commercial reception in the following years.

Time after, Ingrid Bergman won her fourth gold statuette, this time for Best Supporting Actress, for her masterful role in Murder on the Orient Express.

The news that could not stop his talent

In 1975, Ingrid Bergman received the harsh news that she had cancer. The illness made her very physically weak, but this did not prevent her from working on her many projects.

During this challenging time, one of his best works was in Autumn Sonata, a film for which he received his fifth Academy Award nomination.

While in London for the recordings of A Woman Named Golda, Ingrid Bergman suffered a decline that led to her death on August 29, 1989, curiously the same date as her birthday.

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