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How to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream? Free and Paid Methods

One of the most anticipated events by many sports fans is Formula 1. These high-speed races conquer anyone who sees them and surely this is your case, anywhere in the world. If you are passionate about this competition, then you can not miss the following list with a lot of alternatives for you both for mobile phones and online computers!

Where to watch Formula 1 Live Stream

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy the best of F1 on your Tablet or from your laptop without losing any detail? Check out the following recommendations we have for you.

Movistar + F1

The best option you have to be able to enjoy all the audiovisual content of Formula 1 in high definition is through Movistar +, since it is the only television platform with all the F1 rights.

This will represent a great advantage for you since you can not only watch the race in real-time, but you can also enjoy analysis and news in all languages. So goodbye to online translators!

In addition, you have the possibility to watch the races directly from your device as well as from your TV, once you purchase the package. If you already have a Movistar package, this is certainly a great alternative.

Antenna 3

To see the official Formula 1 championship firsthand regarding its latest developments, this option is good. Linked to Antena sports, you can find the recent news as well as the updated calendar for the next races.

In addition, you have the possibility to see some highlights in press conferences after the race, as well as the Pole Position. And if you want to find information about the previous championships, here you can enjoy a news library.

TV Access (Official F1 TV)

Another option that we recommend to see the best of F1 is TV Access. In it, you can not only watch the races live, including the previous classification but also repetitions, saving those that interest you.

You can even save the repetitions and runs of the F2 and F3. In the USA, the subscription is immediate and allows you to access different news, analysis and much more in the same way.

You can also watch NBA live from anywhere.


Surely, you will have heard of this option at some point. With a real-time calendar with time and location, you can track the results and ranking, including the latest news.

In addition, you can find different videos with the highlights of the world of F1. To be able to enjoy this channel, you need a satellite dish. It is worth noting that it only broadcasts races in the open.

Apps to watch Formula 1 Live Stream

If you are one of those who wants to have all the F1 action at your fingertips, an app can be an excellent alternative for this. For this reason, then, we will talk about the different apps to see Formula 1.

As we mentioned before, we do not recommend any kind of application that can carry out illegal activities at the content level for 1. Therefore, we recommend only using the apps that are recommended, since, in this way, you will be consuming correct content.

Here are recommended and non-recommended apps, of which the latter only comply with the character of informing our community and you, dear user, what are the other options. Your use of this material is entirely your responsibility.


While Acestream is one of the apps where you can watch online content about F1, including live broadcasts as well as different previous events, remember that it is not legal to watch content that is not protected by copyright. Therefore, if you use this app at your own risk, ensure that it is contained in an open signal.

Sports TV

This app is one of the most recommended because it is first available for Android and iO S. With TV Sports you can have a complete guide to the F1 programs and races that appear live on television, showing you schedules and even channels.

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Directly linked to show content and different types of websites where to find this information, the IPTV app is one of the most used for F1. However, we do not recommend it because, during its use, the IP exposure for users has been demonstrated.


In the case of this website, it has the possibility to show you some channels that are in free trial mode. All the downloads you will find there should be freely copied and distributed, but even so, we can sometimes find content that is protected there, so we do not recommend it.


The case of Kodi is also particular since it is one of the open-source services that allows you to view some of these contents for free. If you want to know how you can get the most out of Kodi without getting into a legal problem, you can find it in our Kodi guide.


While this is an app that can be used by anyone who has Android or iOS, Wiseplay uses the cassette system in some way to display content from the mobile to your Smart TV. Additionally, they are not responsible for the lists you make on their platform.


To watch some live shows about F1, this app can be very tempting for Android and iOS users. However, most of this content is broadcasts, so be careful if the content you consume is restricted.

TV Dream

Now, to watch different channels on the open signal, an option is undoubtedly TV Dream. Here you can access the content that other authorized providers are displaying, being this authorized. However, be careful since not everyone is necessarily correct.

Websites to enjoy Formula 1 Live Stream

As we saw what are the best mobile apps, so you do not miss details of F1, we will leave you here the best pages to follow the entire championship of the most viewed races in the world.

Therefore, the use you give to this information will be entirely your responsibility and you must respond to the law if necessary. Our post is purely informative and educational.

Livestream: This is a high-quality Broadcast service for apps and for different websites. You can watch different F1 races live as well as interviews, press conferences, qualifying rounds and much more totally free.

Skysports: Another of the great options you have is this website, which not only shows you the races live but also different videos with the best moments, calendars, news, opinion analysis and much more.

Autosport: For those who are looking for an exclusive car racing provider, this is the best. Access unlimited and recent F1 news, with videos, leaderboard and a forum where you can interact with other fans.

TV: This is a search engine for online sporting events with which you will be able to know when and where the F1 race is happening. All this, sorted by date and time.

Online Sports: Watching F1 races does not have to be a titanic task with this page, you can check which are the channels that are broadcasting live, as well as watch the next meetings.

Elite Gol TV: This is a web page that uses different links and redirects to other streaming services that are allowed to broadcast F1 races, through different links that lead to servers.

Inter Goals: Originally intended for soccer only, here you can also get links that take you to different live services. A great advantage is that it has not only European channels but also Latin American channels.

Pirlo TV: If you want to watch a Grand Prix in Europe, this option will show you the different channels that could be presenting the event. They even share different links in several languages.

The Direct Red: With a wide range of alternatives, the Direct Red shows you a series of links with F1 content, published by other authorized suppliers. Your website does not host, just deliver the link as a great directory.

Sport Lemon: This is a website that works intermittently since only when there are Formula 1 events, it is enabled by displaying different links.

Watch TV Channels: Another alternative to watch TV online. However, we do not recommend you to make use of this website since, despite having many channels, it can get cut and the content looks bad.

Red TV Card: Like other previous websites, it orders the events to happen in Formula 1. So, you can know when and at what time the race will be broadcast.

There are many options for you to see Formula 1 Live Stream. Always remember to go for the legal options, so you can enjoy the best quality of content anywhere.

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