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How to Upload a 5 Minute Video on Instagram (Quick Method)

Instagram is a social media network that is growing the most in recent years and this is due. The success that the videos are having, which complete the application that is characterized. Mainly, for being a social network dedicated to photographs. Usually, the most common videos uploaded to Instagram have a maximum duration of 1 minute. If you want to know how to upload a 5 minute video on Instagram, read this article. You will see that you can do it very easily!

How to upload a 5 minute video on Instagram?

how to upload a 5 minute video on instagram

To upload videos to Instagram, we will be able to do it in several ways. First of all, it can be done in the traditional way in which photos are usually uploaded to Instagram. To do this, simply record a video, or record it at the same time it will be uploaded. Press the button for new content. This button will direct us to a screen where we will have access to the videos and images stored on our phones.

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Record video

We will have the option to create new content at the same time. In case, we want to upload a video that we will record at the same time. At this time, it will be enough to select the content we want to upload to Instagram, which will allow us to upload a video.

Edit video

Before uploading, we will have to edit it. This includes different steps, including the inclusion of text, additional content, people tagging, location, etc. The application itself will ask us to limit the length of the video. That is, you cannot publish a video longer than one minute. In the case of selecting a longer video. We must trim it before uploading it and, then, it will be when you let us upload it to our Instagram content.

Choose stories

Another option we have available to upload videos to our Instagram profile is through the Stories. This section is somewhat different from normal photographs or videos. The most characteristic is that it is content with expiration time. Unlike the main section of the network, Stories are automatically deleted once they are viewed and, although the option to save the most representative or favorites is now included, most of them are designed to last a short time. In addition, unlike the main section, it does not allow likes. You can check the number of reproductions that a publication in Stories has had or the impact that it has reached.

To upload an Instagram Stories video, we will first enter our profile and click on our Stories icon, which will take us to the content upload screen of this section. Here we will have different options to create content. We can upload content created at the same time or, conversely, videos already saved on the device. As with the rest of the videos, the application will force us to trim the videos so that they have a maximum duration of one minute.

Live videos on Instagram

Live videos on Instagram

Although in the Stories section of Instagram, it is usual to upload videos of one minute, there is an option that will allow us to create and upload video content with a duration of more than 1 minute. This is the “direct” and is a video option that is present in the same section as the Stories in general. Read also: Rom Hustle

To create the content of this type, we must go to the Stories section and look for at the bottom of the label that says “direct,” when selected, we will be transmitting live. It will allow the duration of the video to be unlimited. In other words, as such, you cannot upload a video of more than a minute to Instagram. However, using the Stories section live, we can create content with unlimited duration, as it will be broadcasting continuously, regardless of whether it lasts more or less than a minute.

One of the factors that must be taken into account when broadcasting a live on Instagram is that, as the name implies, it will be live. This limits in part the video that you want to broadcast since it does not give the option to second chances or a more careful edition of it. If we want to obtain the best results, it is better than when we do the live we make sure we are connected to a wi-fi network. It will prevent the connection from going slow or even that the live can be cut.

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