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How to tell if fitflops are fake?

FitFlop is a brand of footwear whose special feature is that the sole of each shoe contains balls that simulate the feeling of walking on a massage table. They are intended to improve posture and relieve back pain, as well as help people who work in retail and hospitality by making them more comfortable on their feet for longer periods of time. There are many counterfeits for FitFlops available online, so it can be hard to figure out which ones are real and which ones aren’t. In this article we’ll go over some ways you can tell if your pair might be fake, and what steps you should take if they are indeed fakes!

How to tell if fitflops are fake?

First, make sure to inspect the box. If you don’t see a hologram sticker on it, that’s one indicator that it might be a fake. Next, inspect the inside of the shoe carefully; if there are any air bubbles in the footbed or if it doesn’t say “biomechanically engineered” on there, then it’s probably not authentic.

Now that you’ve learned how to tell if fitflops are fake, next time someone tries to sell you some fakes for super cheap at a flea market or a garage sale (because duh), be sure to give them back their money with no remorse!

Look at the box

The box is another major indicator that you’re in possession of authentic Fitflops. Look for a hologram sticker on the outside of the box, and if it’s not there, chances are your shoes are fakes. If the hologram sticker is present, then your shoes are real!

Look at the tag

The first thing to check when determining whether or not your Fitflops are authentic is the tag. Authentic Fitflop sandals have a holographic sticker on the sole of the shoe. If there is no sticker, then you’re dealing with a knockoff. However, if there is a sticker present on your sandals, it means that they’re real and not fake!

Look at the footbed

Now that you’ve looked at the footbed, it’s time to look at the sole. The main thing you should be looking for is whether or not there are air bubbles in your shoe. If there are any air bubbles at all, then it’s likely that this is a fake because FitFlops have no air bubbles.

If you see any wrinkles or discoloration on either side of the sole, then it’s probably not real FitFlops. Real FitFlops don’t wrinkle and they don’t fade away after a few months of use (or even years of use).

Look at the sole

You can also inspect the sole. If it is rough and bubbly, it is likely fake. However, if the sole is smooth and flat, it may be fake. If there are no bubbles in the sole at all or any visible signs of wear on your pair of FitFlops then they could be counterfeit; however this will not always be true as some counterfeiters go to great lengths to ensure that their products look like genuine FitFlops.

Examine the logo

Do the logo on the bottom of the shoe look like it’s embossed? Does it have a raised design? Is it in gold, or a lighter color? If so, this is a good sign that your shoes are real. It should also be on the inside of your shoe and not on the side (like some fakes are).


We hope you learned today that FitFlop shoes are made by a British company that started creating footwear for workers in the medical field. There are many fake versions of FitFlops being sold, but there are also many ways to tell if your pair is authentic or not. This includes looking at the bottom of the shoe for a stamp and inspecting the material used on top of it. You should also look out for signs like sloppy stitching around the seams or inappropriate labeling like misspelled words on tags. If you have any doubts about whether or not your shoes are authentic, contact customer service immediately so they can help clear up any confusion!

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