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How to Prevent Common Hand and Finger Injuries

A survey was done recently, asking 100 people what they felt was the most inconvenient injury they could sustain. Over 67% said a hand injury and who can blame them? After all, we rely upon our hands for just about everything 24 hours a day. Think about everything you do in any given day; chances are your hands are directly involved in some capacity.

So when you hurt that appendage and need to see a hand doctor Richmond, you can be sure your comfort level will be greatly reduced along with your productivity in just about anything you try to accomplish. That’s why it’s so important to prevent the most common hand and finger injuries that people just like you sustain most often.

Let’s take a look at these types of injuries and the things you can do to keep them from slowing you down throughout your busy day.

Food Prep

Knives are some of the most destructive culprits to ever wreak havoc on the human hand. Nerves severed, fingertips taken off, it’s an all-around bloody mess when meal time comes around. To avoid these ugly situations, always use a cutting board and try not to hold anything that you’re cutting, rest it on the cutting board instead. This will help to stabilize what you are trying to cut and keep the blade from slipping and sliding into your hand.

Using Tools

Whether it’s a drill, a band saw, or a simple hammer, all of these things can do some real damage to your hand and fingers. So, you want to take extra caution to prevent your hand from getting near the business end of these tools. Don’t hold a nail when you hammer it in, always have good lighting, and be sure you know your way around any electrical power tool before you start to use it.

Above all, always wear work gloves. These will provide much needed padding and protection from dangerous tools and while a circular saw can chew right through the glove, it could buy you precious seconds to stop yourself from serious injury.

Falling Down

It happens to the best of us, you lose your balance and hit the deck. Your innate reflexes are going to kick in and your instinct will be to break your fall by putting your hands out. This is a mistake because one weird or awkward landing and you could end up fracturing your hand or wrist and tearing crucial ligaments in the hand and fingers. The next time you crash, try to roll over on your arm and shoulder instead.

Watch What You’re Doing

It may come as little to no surprise, but most hand injuries occur when you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in front of you. Stay present at all times, avoid distractions, and take it slow. Remaining vigilant and careful is really the best way to keep from getting badly hurt. So always be deliberate in your actions, it could make all the difference between safety and injury.

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