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How to Make Baby Flower Headbands and Hairbands? Do It Yourself

The accessories are too important in the outfit that we carry, many are small and sometimes we do not usually give them importance. These make a big difference and complement the look. The hair also has its accessories, a good hairstyle with a suitable accessory will be a good option. The diadems of flowers are one of the trends that come stomping, either loose or combed manes more complex. In this article, we will show how to make baby flower headbands and hairbands.

How to make baby flower headbands?

How to make baby flower headbands

  • With the help of pliers, form a ring the size of your head or that person who is going to use it with fine wire.
  • Then line the wire with the tape of the color you prefer, this will make the headband neater and the wire is not noticeable.
  • Choose the flowers you want for your flower headband. You can opt for artificial flowers so that the crown lasts for a long time without the flowers wilting and losing their shape and color. If it is temporary then get the fresh flowers from thisĀ online flower delivery store. These flowers, when taken care of, will stay for at least three days.
  • Or you can choose natural flowers purchased from the nursery or cut from the plants you own in your garden or near your home. The advantage of natural flowers is that they have a delicious perfume that can be seen from afar.
  • They don’t need to be all the flowers of the same type, size and color. You can combine them to make the crown look more striking and colorful.
  • Make small bouquets and secure them with the tape that you have previously lined the wire.
  • Then place it horizontally over the wire ring and attach it to it by wrapping it with wire.
  • Make another bouquet and arrange it next to the bouquet you have placed before and hold it again.
  • Repeat the same procedure to complete the entire hoop and form the flower headband made by you.

Hairband for baby girls

Hairband for baby girls

As it is easy to deduce, girls ‘mothers certainly have more chances to have fun with their daughters’ clothing, not only with dresses and T-shirts but also with accessories. Today we are talking about hair bands. Suitable for both baby girls and older children, hairbands are the ideal complement to a fashionable outfit.

You will need to cut out a small section of the strip from the strip which will be used to hold the ends in place and provide you with an application at will, such as a flower. These are easily available in haberdashery where you can find a wide range of options, from cartoon characters to little animals to daisies, roses and sunflowers: choose the one that suits you.

To glue them, you will have to use hot glue to use, I recommend, with the utmost care to avoid both burns and imperfections in your creation. Well, once you have applied the flower (or other subjects) just on the junction between the two edges of the ribbon, you will not have to do anything but press well for a few seconds, to make the glue adhere perfectly, and pass to the test.

Wear it for your baby and you will see that happiness. Given the extreme simplicity of making these bands, you can create numerous and different types, from those suitable for every day to those perfect for special occasions. Finally, they are particularly indicated as a gift to the daughters of friends and relatives. DIY enthusiasts try creating the nursing pillow with your hands.

DIY baby flower headbands

DIY baby flower headbands
DIY baby flower headbands

An anonymous hairband with a small decoration can be a decorative object. The decoration phase done in collaboration with the mother. It is a fun and creative moment.

  • We use felt sheets of various colors for decorating the hairband; strong sewing thread, needle, universal glue, scissors, ballpoint pen or grease pencil.
  • Cut the felt sheets to obtain four square elements: 2 of equal size and the other two to climb.
  • The larger cutouts will be used to incorporate and fix the circle, while the other two have decorative features.
  • Fix the other two, one above the other, with the thread and needle to the larger cutout.
  • Connect the circle to the cutouts by spreading a thin layer of “UHU extra” glue at the bottom of the larger cutout.
  • Apply the second cut from below, to incorporate part of the circle and complete the fixing with some sewing stitches.

DIY hairband

Another idea that we suggest as an alternative to the classic hair bands is a decorated band. Original and vaguely hippy, a ribbon of white ribbon is enriched with feathers, tulle, little roses and used to stop hair on special occasions.

DIY hairband

The hairband: a more chic alternative to the classic hair band for girls

Tin welder and a glue gun and two Dremel mini-tools are precious for easy creative realization. The first one is used a little out of its usual context to dissolve and fix small half-round head studs and the metal filings that embellish the fabric roses. Two of these flowers are attached to the ends of the band and, with hooks. They are used to tightening the clear ribbon around the hair.

For the other decorations, a tulle flower and partridge eye feathers are used here. Everyone’s imagination can adopt other solutions.

How to make a hairband

With the welder, the small Thermo adhesive studs are neatly fixed onto the tape. Black roses can be purchased or made by rolling a black fabric ribbon and gluing them on two leaves of the same fabric. Spread the edges of glue and “dip” in the synthetic filing that adheres only where the glue is.

How to make a hairband

With the heat of the welder, the filings melt perfectly adherent and take on a shiny and brilliant appearance. The roses are fixed on the strip of fabric with a point of hot glue. The feathers and the white tulle flower are also fixed with the same system.

Making headbands and hairbands are easy for anyone. Before start making, draw a design of headband on a page. Then, collect the materials and start doing. Make at least 4/5 headbands and 2/3 hair bands according to your style.

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