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How to Make a Ladybug costume?

If you are already looking for ideas for the next Carnival, a Ladybug costume is an option that girls of all ages will especially love. Become for a few days the young heroine who, with her powers, cunning and agility, defends the city of Paris from the villains who besiege it; It is a perfect option to let your imagination run wild and enjoy the funniest moments at any party.

Ladybug’s outfit is inspired by a ladybug and is as cute and cheerful as it is simple to make. Get down to work and learn the steps you must follow to know how to make a Ladybug costume for your girls or for yourself. Why not?

A red jumpsuit from Ladybug’s costume

Ladybug costume

To make a homemade Ladybug costume, you need to use a vibrant red jumpsuit. It is the base and the fundamental element. Next, we give you two ideas of how you can make Ladybug’s jumpsuit:

Combine a t-shirt and tight pants

You can shape it simply by joining two pieces of fabric of the same bright and intense red tone. A long-sleeved shirt and tight pants, for example, in lycra or similar fabric, can be the origin of this simple costume, although it will always look better if your starting point is a red jumpsuit, full and tight but with enough elasticity so that the girl moves with the same agility as her favorite character.

Make Ladybug’s jumpsuit from scratch

You can buy it directly, but with a bit of skill when it comes to sewing, you can make the jumpsuit that gives body to the suit yourself. Next, we show you how to make a homemade Ladybug costume from scratch, step by step.

Get a fabric with a shiny touch, such as a nice satin or satin, although cotton can also work.

To do it, you need a pattern that you can make very easily. Take pajamas or tracksuits of the size of the little and future Lady Bug. Of course, if your daughter already has a jumpsuit of any color in her wardrobe, use it directly as a base to make the Ladybug costume pattern and get it done in even less time.

Place each piece well spread out on cardboard and with a pencil, paint its outline. Next, cut out the two silhouettes (trousers and shirt) that you have drawn, but not just on the line, but leaving a margin between 20 – 30 centimeters around at least (depending on the physical constitution of each girl).

Glue the two pieces of cardboard and you already have the pattern with the silhouette that will allow you to make Ladybug’s monkey.

Divide your fabric into two halves and lay each half on top of the pattern so you can cut them out.

Join the front with the back by sewing the two halves (inside).

Go over the cuffs and neck with thread and you have Ladybug’s unmistakable red jumpsuit.

Polka dots on Ladybug’s costume

They are the hallmark of this Carnival Ladybug costume, as they recall a ladybug and the creative power that this cute insect gives to the little heroine. There are different options to make the characteristic polka dots of Ladybug’s costume.

You can make them by drawing and cutting out circles, about seven centimeters in diameter, black felt or foam. Even if you want, black cardboard is also a simple option. Distribute them around the monkey and glue or sew them.

Ladybug’s costume mask

You can’t miss this wardrobe, but how to make the Ladybug mask?

  • Draw its shape on a piece of cardboard that is not too thick and cut it out.
  • Cover it with fabric that you have leftover from the jumpsuit of the Ladybug costume so that it is perfect,
  • Place some strategically distributed black polka dots on it.
  • Remember, make two small holes at each end of the mask to insert a rubber band that holds it well to the face.

Other accessories

Ladybug is red from head to toe, so when making your costume, don’t forget to include gloves of this color and also wear red shoes and socks.

To finish, if you want a perfect homemade Ladybug costume look, a wig in shades of blue and a magical yo-yo, which you can make using any toy of this type and painting it red with black polka dots, are the accessories you need so that your daughter, at the next Carnival party, have a great time while transforming into the real Ladybug.

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