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How to Cope With GP Sickness Absence

If you are a healthcare practice, dealing with staff absence can be a real headache, particularly GP sickness absence. You need to work out how much money it will cost your practice to hire staff to cover onsite GPs when they are absent. This applies both to routine short-term absence and unexpected absences caused by illness, holidays or other reasons. It also needs to take account of any shifts that need to be made, particularly on weekends when staff are off-site for illness.

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The most common reasons for staff absence include maternity leave, short term illness or long-standing illness which is likely to result in the disruption of the practice’s business. Cancelled appointments are not going to make patient’s very satisfied with your service. For information relating to Locum Insurance, go to MPRS

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If you manage a practice and need to know how to cope with GP sickness absence, you should start by asking whether your existing contractual arrangements cover it. If they don’t, you should consider the benefits of insurance for covering locum hire. If you are satisfied that your existing agreement covers all your needs, then you are ready to move forward. However, if you feel that you are short of staff and you need to further bolster your operating strength, you should get in touch with a locum supplier agency and a locum insurance company.


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