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How to Choose Wall Lamps for Your House

Lighting is one of the key elements, which helps to make the most of your home. Proper lighting also allows you to perform tasks more easily and will make you feel safer and more comfortable. It also allows you to enjoy your home to its full potential. Each room, however, has its own specific lighting needs. The choice of the right lamp is therefore of paramount importance. So here’s how to choose wall lamps.

How to choose wall lamps?

Dining room

If you choose to insert the wall lamp in the dining room, this lighting fixture is the real focal point of the room. He needs to express his own personal style while satisfying the general lighting needs. In this case, use a chandelier or a wall light. Both fixtures are excellent sources of lighting and will surely give a tone to your dining room. While recessed lamps can provide additional lighting, making the room seem more spacious. Keep in mind that the dining room wall lamp must be smaller than the narrower side of the room table. And anyway its lower part must dominate it at a considerable distance.


As for the kitchen, this is the most popular room in the house and therefore needs sufficient and adequate lighting. The size of the lamp must be proportionate to the size of the room. Use an under-hanging luminaire to avoid shadows on the table and, if necessary, add additional lamps to illuminate the work areas. Fluorescent lamps represent an efficient and economic source of lighting for the kitchen. In areas where light does not come directly, use recessed appliances mounted directly above the sink and stove. Choosing mini-pendants to be installed above the work surface is an ideal way to illuminate these areas.

how to choose wall lamps


For the bedroom, wall lamps, also called appliques, will find their allocation only where it is necessary to illuminate well. They can be installed on the walls adjacent to the bedside tables, so as to allow reading without disturbing those who sleep. But they are still perfect on the sides of a make-up toilet, which allows a targeted light avoiding shadows on the face.

Corridors and stairs

If instead the environment to be illuminated concerns stairs and corridors, then the safety factor comes into play, which goes far beyond the aesthetic one. To avoid accidents, stairs must be illuminated from top to bottom with switches on both sides. For safety in the corridors, use wall lamps, spacing them every 2.5/3 meters approximately.

According to the rooms in which to apply the wall lamps, it is convenient to choose the type of suitable bulbs, considering that incandescent ones provide a warm light, the LED ones are cheap and offer a cold light and the neon ones are very bright.

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