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How to Buy Bicycle Tires Online

Whether you ride a standard cruiser bicycle or enjoy touring on a men’s or women’s hybrid bike, there will come a time when the tires wear out. Despite many people feeling like you have to go to a physical location to pick up a new set of regular or hybrid bicycle tires, you can purchase your next set of tires from the comfort of your home. However, before you add anything to your digital cart, make sure your tires need replacing and that you find the right ones.

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Bike Tires

Not everyone knows how to spot the signs of tire wear on your bicycle. The primary thing to look for is wearing down of tread edges. A good indication that this is happening is when your tire doesn’t hold air pressure well. You might also notice a thread pattern emerging on the wall of the tire or that rubber is flaking off the sidewalls. Finally, if you experience noticeable changes to your bike’s handling, it might be time to replace your tires.

Selecting the Right Size Tire

When considering the tire size, there is a straightforward method of finding an accurate replacement: Look at the numbers printed on the sidewall of your current tires. Tires typically come with at least one set of numbers printed on the side. If your tires have multiple sets, you can select tires that match at least one of the sets, and they should fit your bike. If the numbers have worn off of your tires, consider visiting a local bike shop to get some help.

Beyond the diameter number on the sidewall, you will also need to know the tire width. Diameters need to be exact, but you can allow for some variance in the width. Wider tires can provide a more comfortable ride and more traction, but before diving into a fat tire purchase, you should talk to a bike shop. While some adjustments can be made to tire widths, the forks, rims, and frame can still limit the tires that can work.

Selecting the Right Tire Type

Tires come in a variety of tread patterns, all meant for different styles of riding. If you know your riding style, it is somewhat easier to narrow down your tire selection, but you will still need to make some decisions to get exactly what you want. You will also need to consider tread direction and placement. While tires might seem similar, several designs are front and back wheel specific.

Understanding Your Choices

While looking for the tires that suit your bicycle, you might also want to consider other possibilities. For example, tubeless tires that seal directly to the rim can provide a performance boost. Puncture-resistant tires are a beneficial option for commuters who can’t afford to stop and repair a flat. There are many other options for handling specific riding situations, like winter riding with studded tires or other options.

Before you buy your next set of bike tires, take the time to consult a bicycle expert. They can help you determine the best set of tires for your bike and style of riding.

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