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Best thai dramas of all time

Also known as lakorn, Thai dramas or Thai novels have a lot to offer. One of the characteristics that identify them as a medium is how open they are to showing same-sex couples when in Korean media it is a bit more restrictive. Do you know any of these series? We present you with the best Thai dramas we found!

Best thai dramas of all time

best thai dramas

Full House (2014)

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Available on: Netflix

We follow Aom, a writer who lost her home during a trip to Korea. Upon returning to Thailand, she discovers that her apartment is in the name of a young man named Mike, and trying to convince him to help her get her possessions back, they arrange a fictitious marriage. Despite losing everything, Aom remains optimistic and takes it positively, but what starts out as a merely professional relationship becomes personal when they realize that they cannot remain indifferent in the presence of the other.

The Crown Princess (2018)

Genres: Action, Military, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 12
Available on: Netflix, Ch3Thailand, dimsum entertainment

Also known as Love’s Destiny, we follow the protagonist, the princess of a small country who is in danger after her coronation. To protect her life, she is sent to Thailand, where she meets the protagonist, a Thai navy soldier who becomes her personal guard. You can also watch the equalizer 3.

Hormones: The Series (2013)

Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama, School, Friendship, LGBTQ +
Episodes: 13
Available on: Netflix

This series follows Thai school students and their friends as they try to find the beauty of the ups and downs of adolescence. Take typical topics from a series on teens, relationships, sexuality, bullying, school violence, and substance abuse. On the other hand, family problems are also included that will gradually reveal themselves as the series progresses.

Diary of Tootsies (2016)

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, LGBTQ +
Episodes: 12
Available in: GDH

This story follows three gay men whose hearts were broken on the same day. In addition, they have the help of their lesbian friend, who helps them navigate their broken heart despite having no experience in the matter. Together, they make a promise to find a partner before the new year, and we follow them through this journey that focuses on the ups and downs of their lives, where we enjoy their joys, feel their pain, and fall in love with their all-proof friendships.

My Ambulance (2019)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Medical, Fantasy, LGBTQ +
Episodes: 16
Available on: Netflix, dimsum entertainment, meWATCH

Peng, a resident of the hospital dedicated to emergencies, and Tantawan have been in love for 15 years. Tantawan, who has magical powers, will begin to doubt Peng’s love, but when both suffer a car accident where Tantawan is seriously injured, upon waking up, he realizes that he has no memory.

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Kiss Me (2015)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School
Episodes: 20
Available on: Netflix

An adaptation of the series known as Itazurana Kiss or Mischievous Kiss , we follow Taliw, a cute but slightly clumsy young woman who falls in love with a student with an above-average intelligence named Tenten. Tenten has just returned from Japan with her family, and with Taliw, she acts like a friend and confidant. However, she sometimes shows her true colors, and makes her look bad to her classmates.

Project S – Side By Side (2017)

Genres: Youth, Family, Sports, Melodrama
Episodes: 8
Available on: Netflix, GDH

Gym, an autistic young man who is often bullied by his classmates, decides to join the badminton team with his cousin, Dong. Curiously, Gym discovers that he has a talent for sports, but this generates resentment in his cousin as he was the one who proposed the idea. Little by little, they will improve in the team, receiving the support of their mothers. Can they overcome all their fears and triumph on the court?

Project S has different stories, such as SPIKE, Skate Our Souls, and Shoot! I love you. In each one, we follow a different sport and different protagonists.

The Pharmacist of Chaloang (2019)

Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Medical
Episodes: 14
Available on: Netflix, Ch3Thailand, dimsum entertainment, meWATCH

Also known as Thong Ake. This romantic comedy is set in the kingdom of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn). Thong In is an inexperienced doctor who has treated many patients, and hopes that his grandson, Thong Ake, will become a dedicated traditional physician. One day, Thong In locks himself up after the death of one of his patients, isolating himself from everyone and blaming himself for what happened, and begins to think that he does not want his grandson to go through something like this. However, Thong Ake wants to prove to his grandfather that his will is unbreakable, so after meeting Chaba, a rude girl who does not seem to be afraid of anything, he begins to teach him traditional medicine, establishing a special relationship with her that it could evolve into something else.

Girl from Nowhere (2018)

Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Crime, School, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes: 13
Available on: Netflix

An intelligent, mysterious and cunning girl named Nanno transfers to different schools, exposing the lies and abuse of the students and the faculty wherever she goes.

The Gifted (2018)

Genres: Thriller, School, Drama, Supernatural, Investigative
Episodes: 13
Available on: Netflix, GMMTV

At Ritdha School, there is the “gifted” program, which contains a very special group of students, chosen by the school administrator. Pang, a 10th-year student, surprisingly passed the exam to enter the program, for reasons unknown to him. When he begins attending these classes, he and his friends begin to feel that there is something completely different about this class. And eventually, they will discover that the special program is dedicated to awakening the special abilities of the students, that is, special powers that are dormant within each one.

Man of Vengeance (2019)

Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Episodes: 27
Available on: Netflix, dimsum entertainment, meWATCH, LINE TV

Also known as Heart of Stone , it tells the story of Tor, the son of a high society man and his lover. After losing his mother, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family. His stepmother and siblings mistreat him, and as a result of this abuse, he will seek comfort with the girl next door, Mingta, a young woman who suffers the same kind of abuse as he does from her mother and sister. One night, Tor escapes from his stepmother, eventually jumping into a river. Everyone believes that he has passed away, but eventually, he reappears with a new fortune, transformed into a wealthy man, with the sole objective of avenging his mother and making those who treated him like scum in the past suffering.

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Boy For Rent (2019)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 12
Available on: Netflix, GMMTV, dimsum entertainment

Smile has a crush on a superior named Kyro, who is handsome and sweet. However, when she confesses her feelings to him, Kyro roughly rejects her by telling her that he doesn’t like childish girls. After this, Smile decides to hire a “partner for rent”, to learn how to accelerate a man’s heart. On the other hand, we have Liz, who believes that her boyfriend, Badz, is being unfaithful. For this reason, he decides to hire a partner, to take revenge on him without feeling guilty. However, neither Smile nor Liz expect the change that having rented from their peers will bring to their lives.

ThirTEEN Terrors (2014)

Genres: Thriller, Horror, School, Drama
Episodes: 13
Available on: Netflix

Every school has secrets that should not be revealed. There are events that they want to hide, that people want to ignore and lie to cover up. And there are also students whom everyone prefers to forget. However, there are also secrets that are just waiting to be revealed.

Stupid Cupid (2015)

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 12
Available on: Netflix

The Amarapron family is a large and wealthy family. During the celebration of the 80th birthday of the grandmother, who is the matriarch of the family, the lady announces her wishes to arrange a marriage between her grandson and Araya, a young woman whom she adopted when she was little. Chawee, the grandson, does not get along with Araya since they are little, and in addition, the sisters of the family begin to plot to get Araya out of the picture, since she will be the one who inherits the family fortune, while they could stay out.

The Judgment (2018)

Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Drama
Episodes: 13
Available on: Netflix

Lookkaew is a girl applied in everything. She is good at studies, she is a good daughter, she is beautiful and skilled. But after suffering a traumatic incident at a party, he is the victim of harassment, rumors and cruelty on the part of his colleagues, who instead of believing his testimony of what happened, believe the images and invented stories of those who do not even were involved. Finding herself alone in this situation, she seeks the support of girls who have been through the same thing, and finds support in a classmate, who is secretly in love with her.

The Sand Princess (2019)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 14
Available on: Netflix, dimsum entertainment, GMMTV, meWATCH

The protagonist is Kodnipa, an orphan who moved to the city to prosper in her studies. There, she meets Jirapat, a wealthy heir, who establishes a mutually beneficial friendship with her. Jirapat assigns tasks to Kodnipa, and she charges him for those tasks. But the relationship is complicated when Jirapat gets an acquaintance from Kodnipa pregnant, leaving the baby at the protagonist’s house. Jirapat is unable to claim the baby as his own, so he offers Kodnipa the idea of ​​raising her as his own. Eventually, she accepts, and raises the baby, not thinking that she would soon begin to think of her as his own. Meanwhile, she receives money from Jirapat to support the little girl, until their destinies intersect with her brother, Kirakorn.

I Hate You, I Love You (2016)

Genres: Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Juvenile, Drama
Episodes: 5
Available at: dimsum entertainment, meWATCH

This suspenseful drama follows five protagonists, whose lives are intertwined by fate and jealousy. Some of them will learn what true betrayal means, while trying to get what they want most: someone else’s love.

Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match (2015)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Teen, Drama
Episodes: 9
Available on: Netflix, GMMTV

Junita, nicknamed Junior, is a young woman with a complex: she has always been told that she has a fat face, so she decides to fix it with surgery. However, a severe reaction to the chemicals from the operation causes acne breakouts. She will have to wait a year to recover, and when she goes out, they call her the girl with the ghost face. For this, he begs his mother to transfer from school, to avoid the social life of Bangkok, and to be able to live his treatment in peace. In that place she will meet Suea, an attractive and flirtatious young man, who is the first and only person to approach her since the surgery.

A Gift To The People You Hate (2019)

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Drama
Episodes: 10
Available on: GMMTV

In this store, gifts are sold for people you hate. The seller covers his face with a mask. There are four levels of gifts: first, embarrass the recipient, scare, hurt, or kill. Can you give one of these gifts to someone you hate? Can you take responsibility?