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How Can Conveyancers Speed Up a House Sale?

Delays in conveyancing are among the most frustrating parts of moving house. It is already a process that can be affected by issues, causing stress and unnecessary worry to the buyer and seller. Delays in the process are can stem from further down the property chain and usually involve professionals waiting for information from those involved in the transaction. Alarmingly, around one third of house sales fall through due to delays in the process.

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The Process Begins with the Homebuyer

Ideally, a homebuyer should identify which lender and mortgage product they want to apply for before beginning a house search. A ‘decision in principle’ can be reached which will tick off the credit check process and the affordability check.

A conveyancing solicitor should check identification documents for the property owners, and they should quickly deal with any problems they encounter. An example would be a home being sold through probate.

The solicitor will then seek a copy of the title from HM Land Registry as soon as possible and again look for issues that could affect the time it takes to finish the transaction.

Buyers should also work with the professionals to ensure a swift and smooth process, and if documents are sought, these should be produced as soon as possible. Responding promptly and politely will ultimately be in the best interests of the buyer. One of the documents required is the standard Property Information Form (PIF or TA6). This can be time-consuming to complete, so many homebuyers can download a sample form and complete a rough draft of the answers.

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Don’t Delay – Act Now

Delaying this and other requests will set the whole process back. Property deeds will be required, so these should be obtained as early as possible too.

House movers should be wary of the promise of cheap conveyancing deals online, as there may be hidden costs, and they are advised to seek professional guidance from firms such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/news/conveyancing/conveyancing-for-99-the-scam-of-cheap-conveyancing-289.

There’s good news on the homes front. According to The Guardian, house prices have increased in every region in the UK for the first time in two years.

The buyer can also communicate via email and telephone rather than letter, and this too will speed up the process. Relatives and friends can help with the digital side of communications.

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