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Gardening for Beginners – Native Plants that are Easy to Care for

With such a wide range of trees and shrubs now available to us from all over the world, being a novice gardener can be difficult. Knowing what to sow, and what will do well in the garden can feel a bit of a minefield. For this reason, it can be best to stick to the native plants and trees of the British Isles. Not only will they be easier to look after, as the weather will be suitable, but they also provide a valuable habitat for many birds, mammals and insects in the UK.

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Here are a couple of ideas for your garden…

Guelder Rose – This upright shrub is a perfect garden addition. In May you will notice the first of the pretty creamy coloured flowers blooming, which will remain until July. Sometimes these can be pink in colour, and the red berries in the autumn are an important food source to birds. This is also something that is easy to find in garden centres.

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Hawthorn – This is a native tree that is steeped in ancient folklore. Believed to be the tree of the faerie folk, it is a tree that represents joy, blooming in early May with its pretty white blossoms which were used by young girls to make garlands from. Easy to care for, and also a good hedging tree, get someone like this Tree Surgeon Poole based https://kieranboylandtreeservices.com/ in if you need help cutting it back as the name suggests it can be spiky!

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