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Fernanfloo Net Worth, Biography and YouTube Career

Fernanfloo (July 7, 1993) is a renowned Salvadoran YouTuber. His large number of followers allowed him to win the diamond plate that the YouTube platform presents to all influencers with more than 10 million subscribers. He is also known for making scream’s on the Twitch platform, making broadcasts mainly of the Fortnite video game, where he has achieved a large audience. In Fernanfloo’s net worth and biography, you will learn much more about this young YouTuber.

Fernanfloo net worth and biography

His full name is Luis Fernando Flores and, in addition to being a YouTuber, he practices basketball since he was six years old. According to studies and reports, Fernanfloo’s net worth is about 10 million dollars. Very little is known of his family, but his older brother appears in many of his videos and is even the one who helps him record them.

Fernanfloo net worth

Likewise, he has a mascot named Curry that also appears in the design of the logo of his channel. One of his biggest inspirations to start on the internet was the Venezuelan writer and YouTuber DrossRotzank, whom he admires for the originality, permanence and quality of his works.

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In 2015, the influencer launched a fun app that bears his name. It is an arcade mode game starring F and his dog Curry. In the first week of launch, it got over 2.3 million downloads.

This YouTuber also has his own clothing line, registered under the name of Fernanfloo, and a virtual store where his fans can buy products such as shirts, caps and bags.

In addition to his videos, Fernanfloo has also had the opportunity to participate as an actor in one of the sketches of the well-known Ecuadorian channel Enchufe tv.

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Life as a youtube

At just 18 years old, Fernanfloo started in the world of YouTube uploading videos in a tutorial format, as well as short scenes about murders. However, this did not last long, as he soon began to relate the videos to the theme of video games and created the famous gameplays that would lead him to fame.

Months later, the influencer decided to alternate these videos with other challenges such as “questions and answers”. He also began recording video vlogs to establish a greater connection with his audience, showing his travels and personal experiences.

One of the aspects that identified this peculiar YouTuber from the beginning was his particular way of behaving when recording the videos for his channel. For this reason, on some occasions he has confessed that his performances are exaggerated and accompanied by meaningless comments, but with a good editing job.

Fernanfloo is among the top 10 youtubers worldwide with the most subscribers and his video with the most views, it is called “El Rap de Fernanfloo”, which is a new version of the original created by rapper BambielR4.

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Fernanfloo and his new challenge

During a period of more than four months (from December 2017 to April 2018), Fernanfloo uploaded very few videos to his YouTube channel, in order to give his career a break. This truce helped him to prepare and publish on April 6, 2018, a video titled “It is over”, and with which he let his followers know that great changes would come both for the channel and for himself.

In a video he announced that, although he would not leave YouTube completely, he planned to create a new channel on the Twitch platform, and would broadcast from there as a screamer, playing Fortnite.

On May 10 of that same year, Fernanfloo decided to create a second YouTube channel which he called Fernan. In this one, he dedicated himself to uploading the already edited Fortnite games, with the most interesting and fun excerpts of those available on his Twitch profile. This secondary channel managed to reach, in less than a year, more than 3 million subscribers.

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