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Jackie Chan Net Worth, Earlier Life and Film Career

Was born on April 7, 1954 at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, China. Actor, director, producer and screenwriter Jackie Chan (real name Kong-Sang Chan) is the only child of Charles Chan, a former cook at the French Consulate in Hong Kong and the American Embassy in Australia, and Lee-Lee Chan, who was in charge of the domestic tasks in the same diplomatic seats. Below, we will describe Jackie Chan net worth, his earlier life and his film career.

Jackie Chan Earlier life

Before getting these jobs, and considering their extreme poverty, the Chan couple was about to give up their son for adoption. From 1961 until 1971, Jackie studied martial arts, music, and dance at the Chinese Opera Research Institute. In 1962, at the age of eight, she made her film debut in the movie “Big And Little Wong Tin Bar” (1962).

During the 70s he became familiar with the film industry, working initially without accreditation as a specialist and in secondary characters. Thus he appeared alongside Bruce Lee in “Eastern Fury” (1972) and in “Operation Dragon” (1973).

In the mid-1970s he adopted several pseudonyms, such as Cheng Lung or Chan Yuang Lung, starring in films such as John Woo’s “The Hand of Death” (1976) or Wei Lo’s “Kill Betrayal” (1977). When he added comedy to his stunts in fighting, Chan achieved international renown, being known as the Buster Keaton of martial arts.

Some of his most outstanding films at the end of the decade were “The Drunk Monkey in the Eye of the Tiger” (1978) or “The Serpent in the Shadow of the Eagle” (1978). Around this time he also began to take on management tasks.

jackie chan

Film Career

In 1980 he debuted in American cinema with “La Furia De Chicago” (1980), a title directed by Robert Clouse. He later appeared in “Los Locos Del Cannonball” (1981) and its sequel “Los Locos Del Cannonball II” (1984), both directed by Hal Needham.

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In 1982 Jackie married Taiwanese actress Joan Lin (Feng-Jiao Lin, born 1953), who was already a star in Hong Kong cinema before marrying Chan. The same year of their wedding their son Jaycee was born.

In Hong Kong he shot successful titles such as “Pirates In The Seas Of China” (1983), the co-production with Spain “Los Supercamorristas” (1984), “Armas Invencibles” (1985), “La Armadura De Dios” (1987) ), “Superpolicía En Apuros” (1988) or “Supercop” (1992).

In the United States, he achieved fame with “Duro De Matar” (1996), a title directed by Stanley Tong that opened the doors to stellar prominence in Hollywood.

The mixture of action and comedy was harnessed to achieve important commercial relevance in “Rush Hour” (1988), a ‘buddy movie’ co-starring Chris Tucker and directed by Brett Ratner.

Later he partnered with Owen Wilson to succeed with “Shanghai Kid” (2000), a western made by Tom Dey, and teamed up with Jennifer Love Hewitt in “El Tuxedo” (2002) and Claire Forlani in “El Poder Del Talisman” (2003).

One of his next roles was Passepartout in Jules Verne’s version of the classic “Around the World in 80 Days” (2004), with Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg.

His relationship with Joan Lin (Feng-Jiao Lin) was broken in 1998, the year in which Jackie had an affair with Miss Asia, Elaine Ng, with whom Chan had a daughter named Etta Ng in 1999. Then he resumed his marriage to Joan.

In the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” (2008) he gave the monkey an original voice. In “The Forbidden Kingdom” (2008) he shared the limelight with another of the stars of the time in martial arts cinema: Jet Li. In the action-comedy “The Super Kangaroo” (2010), he played a spy turned into a babysitter.

In “Karate Kid” (2010), a remake of an eponymous movie from the 1980s, it was Mr. Han, Jaden Smith’s martial arts mentor. The latter’s father, Will Smith, produced the film.

In 2017 he starred with Pierce Brosnan, “The Stranger” (2017), an action thriller directed by Martin Campbell who adapted a novel by Stephen Leather.

Later he was part of the cast of “The Mystery Of The Dragon” (2019) and starred in “The Knight Of The Shadows” (2019).

Jackie Chan net worth

Jackie Chan net worth is about 400 million US dollars according to Hollywood news and reports. He earned a lot of amount from funny activities and action movies. He has 2 beautiful and luxury buildings in Hong Kong. Also, he is now driving the Subaru Impreza WRX STI car that has a 305 horsepower engine.

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