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Clearing your garden ready for Spring

It won;t be long before Spring is here and more and more people like to enjoy their garden spaces during these months. Now is a great time to start purchasing any seeds that you want to get started and bulbs ready for planting. But before you can start adding items to your garden you should have a good garden clearout.

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Although it is cold in winter, it is also a good time to sort your garden out ready for the following spring. Make sure that your trailer is ready to take the waste down to the tip. Be sure to repair any problem with the trailer and source any Trailer Parts that you need before you get started.

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Start by removing any dead leaves and petals that might have fallen on the ground. You can add these to your compost bin or pile to help add some nutrients back to your garden when you need it. If you have shrubs and trees that need to be pruned on an annual basis, you can do this whilst the plants are dormant in the colder period.

Next you can look at the landscaping of your garden and replace any stones or fence panels that need repairing. It is a good opportunity to also look at removing any of the moss that has accumulated on your stones.

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