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Becoming a Game writer

Games are most of the commonly preferred activities. Therefore, with these games, you can generate many skills such as writing and developing them. Game writing is one of the common skills you can also try to learn outside your regular schedule. But then, how do you start writing games?  With entry level writing jobs you can help other people to explore a range of ways of writing games. Writing competitions begin with a skill. Therefore, you should at least have a talent in this area to start writing games. Usually, two disciplines will often make your game writing simpler. It is, therefore, necessary to have writing and language skills coupled with proper story development. Game designing is also another critical discipline where you should try to create some experience. 

Truth be told that game writing, unlike any other skillset, is difficult and more demanding for the linear scriptwriter. Some of the instances that make up game script orders include progression, response to possible reactions from the game characters, and mechanics. Handing these bits is a bit more complicated than the usual screenplay. Therefore, two disciplines are paramount for anyone who desire to become a game writer: game design and writing.

Writing a game is a process and isn’t just a replica of any other causal form of writing. If you think of writing a game, you should develop or at least possess some in-depth literature knowledge. You have to gamebooks widely, pursue theatres and films, and explore other literature genres under the gaming niche. With gaming, a proper understanding of character development is also necessary. A useful link with mechanics, classic fictional genres, and gaming systems will do you better in the entire process.

The process of writing a game 

If you are used to writing a few novels in given niches, you will need to adjust your writing form when writing games. In simple terms, writing books isn’t similar to game writing. Game writing employs an entirely different approach altogether. To start writing a game, the very minimum you should have is a proper understanding of the game. At least having that will generate some limits when writing the game. For instance, in gaming, creating a story out of character should be more comfortable, as it is the driver that will bolt you into generating better game ideas. You can use video game research topics as an inspiration.

The entire game industry comes with a range of constraints to observe. Therefore, anyone starting a game writing project should broadly consider every restriction linked with it. You have to address some of the questions about the game properties (openness versus linearity). Also, arm yourself with ideas on how you will generate and present the entire game story. At this stage, you can consider a top-down approach and start writing your game. Ensure to have foreknowledge, create a summary statement, then an elevator pitch, among other critical steps. It is also good to join the design team to generate enchanted landscapes and mission environments where you will want your game confined.

Therefore, as a game writer, it is not proper to have a mindset to work alone. Don’t work singly behind closes doors as it won’t generate any substantial idea out of your background knowledge in gaming. Collaborate with other game writers and incorporate designers as well.


Game writing is a substantial demanding process that requires a broader level of skillset in the area. It is not only confined to what is herein. You can explore most gaming resources to gain knowledge about writing and developing a game.

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