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5 Factors for Selecting an Electric Hot Water System for Home Installation

One of the things that you most desire on a chilly morning is a hot water bath to refresh yourself. Even splashing cold water on your face or dipping your hands in cold water sends shivers down your spine. Many people prefer taking a warm bath even when the weather is pleasant.

Hence, it’s no wonder that an electric hot water system is a necessity in every home. If you are also planning to install one, consider these five factors.

  1. Capacity

The hot water requirements of your house determine the capacity of the electric hot water system. You have several options in terms of capacity like 25L, 50L, 100L, and a few more. To know more about water heater capacities available, click here.

For a small family, a heater with a smaller capacity would be adequate. The weather of the area is also an essential factor. If the temperatures drop below 0°C in your area during winter, you should consider an electric water system with a large capacity.

  1. Warranty

Warranty is an essential factor when purchasing an electric water heater system for home installation. The electric water heater is a significant investment for all families, and you need to ensure you have spent the money well. Electric water heaters come with a 7 years warranty, while some also offer 12 years warranty.

You need to read the warranty terms and conditions carefully to understand what things are covered and what is not. To know more about warranty terms and conditions in electric water heaters, click here.

  1. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is an essential factor in the selection of electric water heaters. Consumers have to pay according to three tariffs- night time tariff, shoulder tariff, and peak load tariff in Australia. If you are an early riser, you are more likely to use the electric water heater before 7 am, which means the heater’s electric consumption will be charged as per night time tariff, which is the lowest.

The electricity consumption level of a water heater depends on various factors like the incoming water and water tank capacity temperature. It would help if you looked for energy-efficient water heaters for your home installation.

  1. Quality of the Tank

The water tanks of the electric heater are made of stainless steel or vitreous enamel. The stainless steel tanks are known for their build quality. If your area’s water quality is low, you should stay away from a water heater with stainless steel.

The reason is the impurities in the water will eat away the silver weld, causing leakage. In most cases, the manufacturer will not give you a replacement or not honor warranty if the TDS (total dissolved solids) in water exceeds 600 ppm.

In that case, you can opt for a water heater with vitreous enamel, which is a magnesium sacrificial anode that takes away impurities of the water.

  1. Safety Features

Electric water heaters draw a vast amount of electricity, and a safety feature is essential to prevent any electricity-related accidents. The heater should have a fuse that will prevent the overloading of circuits. It should also have a safety valve that will blow up and release pressure if water temperature and pressure build-up exceed safety limits.

To sum up, these are some crucial factors you should focus on while purchasing an electric water system for home installation.

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