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What occurs when teams enter the norming phase

Team development and management is not always an easy task especially as each member of the team has their own personality and preference for the way that they want to work as well as having their own strengths they will want to exploit and weaknesses that they will want to hide. After a team has formed and worked through the tensions that can arise they move into the norming stage of team development. This is the third phase that most teams pass through.

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The norming phase is one of the most exciting phases of team development and definitely one where you will want to share Team Gifts like the ones from Miller and Co to thank your team for their ongoing hard work. It is the phase where everyone has settled into their roles and have accepted any hierarchy that has been put in place for the functioning of the team.

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It is also the time where the team starts to work together as one unit rather than a number of individuals all pulling in a different direction. This is key to the success of the team. Individuals will all be able to work to their strengths and if the team dynamics are right they will be able to compensate for any weaknesses that they individually have.

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