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What is involved in an MOT?

Every car on the road over the age of three years should have an annual MOT carried out to ensure it is roadworthy. Without one, a person would be driving illegally.

MOT tests can help to identify problems early with your vehicle, saving you money in the long run. Many vehicles fail the MOT for entirely preventable reasons that the owner could have sorted out before testing. A failure does not need to be the end of the world, because you will be able to have the vehicle re-tested at no extra cost if the repairs done in the garage that performed the MOT. Find out more about having an MOT Gloucester at a site like http://swiftfit.uk.com/

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Checks that are carried out during the test include:

Internal investigation – this includes the vehicle’s interior, function switches and lights, seat belts, wipers, steering wheel, mirrors, horn and speedometer.

External checks – external examination including lights, indicators, plates, tyres, wheels and bodywork. The windows and windshield are also checked for signs of wear and chips for example. The door is also examined, as well as the fuel cap and tow bar, if applicable.

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Under – tester will see the suspension, shock absorbers, steering, drive shaft and the wheel bearings and brakes. Exhaust and fuel systems will also be included in the MOT.

Lifting the bonnet – under the bonnet, battery and cables need to be examined together with ensuring it can be secured safely as well.

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