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What is a spa pedicure?

A spa pedicure is a special type of pedicure with many different treatments for your feet. The first step would be to soak your feet in warm water with some type of salts.  After, the nail technician would file and shape the nails on your toes. Cuticles may or may not be removed before any masks or lotions are applied to the feet.  A relaxing foot massage would follow along with an application of emollients. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Benefits of spa pedicure

The benefits are that your nails are cut, filed, buffed, and shaped during this treatment. The feet are soaked in water to begin softening the skin. Due to the softening of the skin, there is a decrease in the chance of ingrown toenails occurring after this pedicure.

The final step would be for your technician to put on lotion on your feet and legs before giving you a quick leg massage. Your toes and nails will be painted and put on some type of foot lotion to both hydrate the skin and give it some type of fresh scent.

Pedicures are not just for women any longer. Men also get pedicures. They are, however, receiving more of a following in that people realize the benefits of keeping feet healthy and looking good.

How to care for your feet after getting a spa pedicure?

After the treatment, you will receive some type of special lotion to put on your feet, so they remain hydrated and soft. Some places even provide you with special pumice for getting rid of any dead skin.

The overall benefits of this treatment are that the feet are soft, hydrated, and given some type of scent after being exposed to all types of chemicals during the pedicure. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Some people choose to get this done on a weekly basis, while some may do it monthly. Either way, the effects are that of taking care of your feet and making sure they remain healthy and hydrated.

What is included in Spa pedicure?

A basic spa pedicure includes soaking, nail cutting, and filing, buffing (optional), cuticle removal (optional), foot and lower leg massage (optional), scrubbing/exfoliating (optional), mask or treatment application to feet or legs as desired, warm towels used on feet or legs as desired, light massage of the neck, shoulders, arms and hands (optional), warm towels used on the face (optional), facial cleansing of the skin on the face (if included with pedicure) or foot soak with the application of lotion to dry hands, light massage of the neck, shoulders, arms and hands (optional), light fingernail polishing.

Basic spa pedicure treatments

There are several different types of spa pedicures, depending on where you get your treatment done. Some may be very basic, while others have many added benefits to them if the tech is willing to go that extra mile for their customer. The options are endless on what they can do for you, so it depends on the person doing your pedicure.

There are basic spa pedicures as stated above that may or may not include scrubbing and exfoliating, cuticle removal, buffing, lotion application to dry hands after a hand soak, cleansing for facial treatments, neck massage (light), and light nail polishing, or simply just filing and buffing nails.

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