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Tips for Buying a Listed Building in the UK

Old buildings are a unique and appealing place to live for many people. The romantic notion of living in a building with so much history has always been something that has appealed to home buyers around the country. Most old buildings that pre-date the Victorian era however are listed buildings, so before you do go ahead with your dream chocolate box cottage there are some things to consider before you complete your purchase…

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Use a specialist surveyor who knows about listed properties such as this building survey Chelmsford based company https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Homebuyers-Survey/Home-Buyers-Survey-Chelmsford They will be aware of the special requirements for this type of property and will know what sort of things to look for when doing the survey.

Check that if the property has had any work done to it that this has been allowed. Any building work or home improvements done to listed buildings must be done with consent of National Heritage, so if this consent has not been given and you purchase the property then this means that you are then liable for putting this right.

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Find out beforehand what you can and can’t change about the property. It is always worth checking this with a specialist, especially if you have grand ideas about renovating the place. It may be that you are not able to change certain things, or it must be done in a certain way or using specialist materials.

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