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Three Ways to Improve Health in Old Age

Being healthy in old age is something that becomes particularly important- keeping the body healthy as we age helps to reduce risks of certain illnesses and improve overall lifestyle. Here are three great ways that the health of an older person can be improved.

Get Moving – Although mobility may decrease as a person gets older, there are still plenty of ways to keep the body active and healthy. There are many exercises that can even be done whilst sitting in a chair! Making the most of the body and enjoying gentle exercise while possible is not only enjoyable but will keep the body stronger for longer! If needed, using mobility aids both in and out of the home may help with this.

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Keep the Mind Active – A busy and active mind cis much healthier – focussing on the positives and doing things that we get joy from is helpful to all of us. Doing things like puzzle books is a great activity to keep the mind healthy, as is playing games and doing tasks that involve concentration like drawing or sewing. Activities like this are good for the brain and help to keep it active and engaged.

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Keep in Touch – Loneliness is something that causes difficulties for many older people and keeping in touch with elderly friends and relatives is something that you can do to help alleviated this. Even if you are not able to visit often, a phone call or a video call can really help to raise a person’s spirits.

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