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Questions to Ask an SEO Agency

An SEO agency can bring your e-commerce business big gains. But how do you know whether you have found a good one or not? The industry is known for having some less-than-spotless providers, so do your research carefully before parting with your marketing budget and appointing an unknown partner to help your online marketing efforts.

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Here are the questions that you should ask to get the ball rolling.

1. Which Clients Have You Worked With?

Look for evidence of clients and rich experience in industries and sectors similar to yours. Experiences with businesses of a similar size are also valuable.

2. Will You Carry Out a Website Audit?

Any SEO provider who simply says that you need more blogs is simply wrong. A reputable provider will carry out a website audit and provide measurable analysis with recommendations that are tailored to your business and situation.

3. How Long Will the Process Take?

An honest provider will be clear that SEO is an investment that should take a few months to see an effect.

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4. What Best Practices Do You Tend to Implement?

Professional SEO services can provide help. You’ll find that Belfast SEO comapnies will tend to use similar approaches but in targeted ways for different clients. Look for evidence that the agency keeps up to date with the latest algorithms used by Google and other search engines and that it only uses white hat techniques.

5. What Is Your Experience with Local Search?

Local search is essential if you have physical premises and a local presence. A good SEO provider will ensure that you rank for your geography and the right search terms and that your business appears in all relevant local forums, boards, maps and searches.

6. How Do You Track Progress?

Look here for evidence of hard measures, soft analysis, dashboards and client reports. A good agency will be perfectly ready to provide results tracking on a regular basis and with commentary that clarifies what they are doing and explains the measures that you choose to demonstrate success. Conversions will, of course, be key.

These are just some starter questions, and you will no doubt have more. Do your research now and assess options thoroughly before making an appointment and your SEO results will be all the better for it.

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