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Metal Bonding Adhesives – Choose the Proper One

The automotive industry is seeing steady growth so as to reduce the weight of various vehicles without compromising on safety, quality and performance. This is done by replacing or eliminating the use of screws, bolts, spot welds, vacuum die joints and other mechanical attachments by metal bonding adhesives. As a result, the parts become light-weight and most of the required part can be replaced by the user. The new metal bonding adhesives have lesser hysteresis than original metal screws. Most of the time, these bonding agents also require low temperatures to function. Thus, they become useful in situations where high temperature resistance is required.

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Steelworkers are widely using this type of welding agent for making the required connections in a wide range of applications such as panel frames, hub caps, steering wheels, pedals, clutch plates, swing axles, generator sets, shaft sealants, exhaust system seals, valve stems, lockup resins, pump seals and many more. The material properties and mechanical properties of the alloyed metal will affect the type of bonding application needed to make a specific part bind properly. Thus, before a welding process is started, it is important to determine the proper type of metal bonding adhesives that will be used. You can find a great selection from companies such as CT1

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For welding, heat-rolling, pressurised gas, oxygen and nitrogen feed through applications with the appropriate resin type. Heat-rolling application provides a high quality, accurate, repeatable bond with excellent wear characteristics. Meanwhile, pressurised gas application will form a strong, smooth, hardened, highly wear-resistant surface on which to work. It is also used in filling parts, making for efficient and speedy assembly or disassembly, application segmented to different size parts, sealing internal parts, joining dissimilar materials and more.


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