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Learning Electric Guitar in Different Ways

For many people, Rock and Roll is not just a musical style. It is a way of life. For them, listening to Rockfalls quite short and they need to live it in the first person. That’s why there are many who decide to start learning electric guitar.

The electric guitar is not the only instrument played in Rock and Roll and is not only for this musical genre. However, the majority of guitarists specialized in this type of guitar are dedicated to Rock.

The electric guitar was invented by Leo Fender in the early twentieth century and was initially a popular instrument in operettas and Jazz. It is a very attractive instrument and although there are people who recommend learning other types of guitars before, many start directly with the electric one. Electric guitar chords are easy to learn.

How to start learning Electric Guitar?

Today the electric guitar is still an instrument that raises passions and is a fundamental pillar of contemporary music. It is played in many musical styles and has endless possibilities.

Learning Electric Guitar

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The guitar is the perfect instrument for beginners. And the electric guitar is one of the favorite types of guitar. There are several ways to learn to play it and they can all be good:

An electric guitar tutor is the most personalized way to learn anything. It is a great way to learn at your own pace and to be able to solve all the doubts you have.

  1. In a guitar academy: the advantage of an academy is able to meet other people who have the same concerns as you. They will teach you to play well and who knows if you don’t leave there with your own Rock band.
  2. Learning online to play the electric guitar: it is possible to learn to play the electric guitar online, but doing it alone is very complicated. Some people do it in a self-taught way, but if you want to do it in a solid way, it is best to hire an online teacher.

All the ways to learn to play the electric guitar are good if you do it in a solid and complete way. The main problem with these types of instruments is that many people learn in a disorganized way in a self-taught way. Then they end up having serious gaps.

Electric guitar features

The electric guitar has become one of the most popular instruments of the XX and XXI. One of the reasons is for the sound so powerful that it makes for such an economical price. However, technology has advanced a lot and this has changed a lot.

It is not one of the best instruments to teach a child. There are many differences between an electric guitar and other types of guitars:

  • The electric guitar has no soundboard. The sound is expanded by means of an amplifier and the volume can be controlled manually.
  • The sound is much more metallic and artificial than in other guitars. This gives it the peculiarity and power that many prefer.
  • It has a body, normally light in weight, that can be made of wood, but can also be found of synthetic materials.
  • The strings are usually metallic and hard. The normal thing is to touch them with a spike that helps the sound to come out clearly.
  • There are hundreds of different designs of electric guitars. By not needing a soundboard, the body can be very different without affecting the sound.

All this makes the electric guitar a unique instrument and when it appears, it breaks with all the sound molds. It represents something very different and returns to all crazy musicians, completely revolutionizes the whole history of music.

How to choose a beginner electric guitar pack?

Reaching the world of electric guitars is not easy. There are many things that are not well understood and it is normal not to know where to start. All electrical specifications and accessories are difficult to understand and there are thousands of different ones.

There are many brands and many ranges and it is very difficult to choose from. That is why there are initiation packs that guarantee you a minimum quality. But this world is also quite wide, although fortunately there are tips that can be quite limited.

Do not spend much money. Sooner or later, you will end up renewing all the material and any pack with the minimum can last you one or two years. Do not mind manufacturing materials. Always choose paulownia or alder for the body and maple for the neck.

Find some basic pills. The combination of single-coils and humbuckers is a good option. Find an amplifier that has enough volume to rehearse with other musicians and with a headphone connection. To start playing the electric guitar, it is important that you do not spend a lot of money, but you do spend time finding the best initial pack. They look for examples of some on the internet and read user comments.

Although it is always advisable to go to a good music store and to be advised by specialists in the field, always distrust large stores or little specialized stores. Look for places where sellers understand music, electric guitar chords and lessons. This is a sure value to start off on the right foot.

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