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How to Print Pictures From Phone to Printer?

Today technology has taken an important place in our daily lives: the world of work and the media travel faster and faster. For this reason, we find valuable help in technology: with a smartphone we can manage many previously unimaginable functions such as using the mobile phone as if it were an agenda, watching TV programs, surfing the net and printing all types of files such as photos and documents without having to have a computer on hand. The important thing is to have wireless connectivity available. In this guide, we will see how to print pictures from phone to printer.

How to print pictures from phone to printer?

  1. Smartphone
  2. Wi-Fi network
  3. Wi-Fi printer

The devices needed to print

If we want to make the most of this very convenient function, it is necessary to have a fairly recent mobile phone: the latest generation smartphones, both Android and iOS, are able to connect to the Wi-Fi of any network. In addition, we will have to have a special application to manage peripherals and send files to the printer: there are numerous apps for this purpose both on the app store of your device, and those released by printer manufacturers, in addition to those specific to operating systems such as e.g. Cloud Print for Android or AirPrint for iOS.

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The Google Cloud Print application

At this point we have everything we need: all we have to do is follow the device manufacturer’s guidelines and use one of the services compatible with our mobile phone, making sure that the service you have chosen also allows us to synchronize photos and files even with the Cloud sites. In this way, we can conveniently print photos that are on OneDrive and Dropbox directly from the mobile.

If we want to try to print with the Cloud Print application for devices with the Android operating system, the first thing to do is connect our Google account to the printer. In this way, we can easily use it at any time without having to reset it every time. Thanks to this system we will be able to print photos and other files even at great distances: the main requirement is that the printer can be connected to the network.

In order to print the file, open it on your mobile phone, then go to the “options” menu and choose the “share” item: by selecting sharing with Cloud Print, all you have to do is choose our printer from the list. In this way, we will have sent the photo to the printing process directly from the mobile phone.

The AirPrint application

If, on the other hand, you have an iOS device and you want to use the AirPrint application, the first thing to do is to check that your printer is supported: go to the dedicated Apple website to check the list of compatible devices and then check that your mobile phone and printer are connected to the internet in the same wifi network. At this point, open the application and select the share icon represented, from the arrow to the left, to select the image of the printer: you can now view various options such as the pages to be printed and the amount of print you want to perform. Finally, press on the top right of the print. If you encounter difficulties or problems you can consult the dedicated support.

The StarPrint application

StarPrint is instead an application downloadable from Google Play, which allows you to print without the need to install drivers, thus speeding up the process. In this case, the internet connection is fundamental and the supported printers are more than 4000: it is also possible to make multiple prints without necessarily having to wait for the others to complete! In addition, you can also enrich your photos by personalizing them with graphic effects. Do you think that more than 1,000,000 users have downloaded it which requires 30M of available space: if you want more detailed information you can visit the official website or follow it on social channels such as Facebook, Linkedin and G +.

Let’s make sure it is available to print photos from the major Cloud sites.

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