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How to Maximize Heating Efficiency in Your Home

As the winter months are fast approaching, you are going to rely on your home’s heating to keep you and your family comfortable with more regularity. That can start to do a number on your wallet if you don’t take steps to ensure that your home’s heating is working at maximum efficiency.

There are many heating service companies in mechanicsville, who will be more than happy to come and check out your system to be sure everything is working properly. But sometimes, the best heating tips are those that can help you save on more than just your utility costs. If you’re not calling an expert technician to diagnose issues with your heating system, you’re not paying those service call costs, which can run as high as $100 just for someone to come out and take a look at everything.

It’s always best to do things yourself wherever and whenever possible. Your home’s heating is no exception, if you take these steps for maximizing the efficiency you can keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Check for Heating Leaks

Chances are your home is full of leaks. Air is getting out through tiny cracks and gaps and heat can pass through windows, cracks or not. It’s up to you to find these vulnerabilities in your home and seal them up as fast as you can.

You don’t want your heat passing through to the outdoors, not at these prices! The good place to start is by caulking cracks, applying weather-stripping, and looking for any other openings that tend to occur around doors and windows.

After you’re done there, you should give your ducts a quick inspection and make sure all of your heated air is getting where it needs to go. Leaky ducts can compromise your heating efficiency big time.

Replacing Your Air Filters on A Routine Basis

In order for your heating to work effectively, it must have proper, uninterrupted air flow. This is critical for helping your HVAC system work at peak efficiency because when your heating and cooling system isn’t getting the air flow it needs, the system is forced to work longer and harder than necessary. That won’t just increase your energy costs, it can reduce the life span of your heating apparatus.

So be sure you take care to swap out your HVAC system’s air filters every two to three months, depending on how often you fire up your heater. Air filters are also inexpensive, far more so than the repair costs you’ll be facing for allowing a dirty air filter to accumulate more grime, hair, and dust.

Shut the Furnace Doors

Your furnace won’t operate properly if the doors on it are not closed completely. A unit with open doors won’t work as effectively or efficiently, so check those doors every winter season, before you plan to use your furnace or burner for the next few months. It’s an easy thing to overlook but it can hit your bank account pretty hard.

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