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How to Make Pubg Run Better on Low End Devices

PUGB Mobile is the Player Unknown Battlegrounds fps for mobile devices. Available worldwide, it is possible to improve its performance if you have a rooted Android mobile phone. In this article, we step-by-step guide you to make pubg run better.

Improving the FPS of the Battle Royale that started everything

Although Fortnite is currently placed as the most important and successful Battle Royale, on Android, you can still enjoy only the “original” game, which popularized the survival genre that has conquered the world. PUBG Mobile takes everything good from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to mobiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect in its adaptation. That’s why we show you how to improve the PUBG Mobile FPS on Android.

Step 1: Root your phone

First things first: it’s your turn to root your phone. To do pubg optimization, follow our Android rooting tutorials and learn everything you need to know.

Step 2: Check your version of PUBG Mobile

Do you have version 0.6 or version 0.7? Check it in the application information in the Settings.

GFX Tool

Step 3: Download GFX Tool

GFX Tool is the tool that will allow us to configure PUBG Mobile to work better. Download it for free from the Play Store.

Step 4: Configure GFX Tool this way

Configure the application using the following image as a guide:

  • Version: Choose the version of the game you have, something you will have discovered in step 2.
  • Resolution: The lower it is, the easier it will be to get more SPF.
  • Graphics: From here, you can activate even more options than those offered by the game from its configuration menus. With Smooth, the graphics are somewhat worse, but you’ll have more FPS.
  • FPS: The key to everything. Place it at 60 FPS for a fluid experience that does not overheat your mobile.
  • Anti-aliasing: Deactivating it offers fewer things than post-processing, which gives more FPS.
  • Style: Nothing to worry about here.
  • Shadows: It is left to the game’s choice according to how many resources it has available.
  • Vulkan: An API that improves graphics on modern devices. If you start the game crashed, disable this option.

With all these adjustments, we will be aiming at a performance of 60 FPS in exchange for having somewhat worse graphics.

Step 5: Press accept and make pubg run better

Once you have set all the settings correctly, click on the black OK button at the bottom. The button will become a new one to launch PUBG Mobile. Press it and you will enter the game. From there, check if you are comfortable with the settings. You will have worse graphics, but more stable performance.

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