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Faze Jarvis net worth, gaming career, streams, lifestyle and bio

Faze Creations is a prestigious gaming company founded by Nordan Shat. The founder has gathered a group of professional gamers and created one of the most popular gaming teams in the world. Faze has won many tournaments around the globe and became the first team in CS: GO to win three consecutive major titles. Despite that, people have been wondering who is Faze Jarvis? How did he make all his money? What are his relationships like? What do we know about this guy? Well, we decided to answer all those questions for you after reading some interesting facts about him! The post is presented by https://www.webmagazinetoday.com/

Net worth

We have compiled a list of Faze Jarvis’ net worth, his gaming career and how he made his money.

Faze Jarvis has an estimated $3 million net worth. He accumulated most of that fortune through live streaming on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming.

Now that you know what Faze’s overall wealth looks like, let’s take a closer look at how he made it all happen over the years. Keep reading: Grace Vanderwaal net worth

Career and life

Faze Jarvis is a famous video game streamer and gamer. He is also known as the former member of FaZe Clan. His real name is Jarryd Huntley and he was born on November 11, 2001. In his early years, he was interested in esports, gaming and YouTube videos. After joining FaZe Clan, he became one of their most popular members along with other members like Tfue and Cloakzy.

Jarvis has millions of fans on social media channels including Twitch where he streams live matches with other gamers every day. Besides being a professional gamer, he also creates YouTube videos which have more than 200 million views each month while playing games like Apex Legends or Fortnite battle royale mode. Discover the cameron diaz height.

Family members and relationships

Faze Jarvis is married to his wife, who goes by the username “Aino”, and they welcome their son, “Hayden” into the world.

They also have a dog named “Vince”.

Jarvis is an avid gamer and he has over 1.5 million followers on his Twitch channel. He also has a YouTube account where he posts videos about gaming, technology and other related topics.


Faze is a very popular Twitch streamer. He streams on YouTube, Facebook, Mixer and some other platforms as well to his fans all over the world.

Faze has been streaming since April of 2013 and he streamed for 10 hours a day in the beginning until he realized that he could make money out of it by doing sponsored streams which pay him $100 per hour or more depending on how much viewers are willing to pay to watch Faze play video games.


Faze Jarvis is a controversial figure. He has been banned from Twitch for a short period of time and was called out by the Faze Clan for his behavior on streams. He’s also been accused of cheating in games, being racist and making fun of other streamers. On top of all that, he participated in an unpleasant exchange with Tyler1 while they were both streaming Fortnite.

For many people who don’t know Faze Jarvis very well and don’t follow him on social media or watch his streams, these negative aspects may come as a surprise—there are plenty more positive things about him than there are negative things!

Interesting facts

  • He is a gamer. Faze has a net worth of $3 million, which isn’t bad for someone who is only 20 years old. His gaming career began when he was just 15 years old, so his earnings will continue to grow as he ages and continues to compete with other gamers around the world.
  • He has a gaming channel on YouTube. In addition to streaming on Twitch and Instagram, Faze also has an active YouTube channel where he posts videos related to his gaming activity and personal life in general. The channel has over 4 million subscribers at this point, so it’s safe to say that many people enjoy watching him play games!
  • Faze is well-known for his competitive nature and his ability to outplay other gamers in any game he plays. He has competed in many tournaments over the past few years, most notably the Fortnite World Cup in 2019 where he placed 5th place. He also placed first in a Call of Duty tournament back in 2018.


Faze Jarvis is the best CSGO player in the world today. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has won many competitions and is considered one of the best CSGO players ever. His career started as a streamer, then he moved to competitive gaming where he became famous for his skills as well as his personality.


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