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What’s the Difference Between One Punch Man Webcomic and Manga?

One-Punch Man is a 12-episode anime adapted from the first 7 volumes of the manga of the same name, which in turn is based on a webcomic made entirely by the artist ONE, and in this blog, I will talk about the difference that exists between both formats. Let’s compare one punch man webcomic and manga.

Difference between one punch man webcomic and manga

Difference Between One Punch Man Webcomic and Manga

The webcomic began to be published in 2009 written and drawn entirely by ONE, that is, all the work has been done by a single person, on his website he continues to do it for free, one day, the manga artist Yusuke Murata ( artist of works such as eyeshield21) I saw the webcomic and liked it so much that he contacted ONE to offer to draw the manga. In 2012 we had the first volume of the One-Punch Man manga drawn by Yusuke Murata. Later we would have the anime made by Mad House. Discover How it feels to chew 5 gum


This is the important and most changing part of the manga. Most important plot changes until volume 7 of the manga (episode 12 of the anime):

The chapter “the rumor,” where the monster Kombu infinity fights against the heroes golden ball and spring mustachio, does not exist in the webcomic. Genos doesn’t have the “arms mode” or anything like that. Boros doesn’t send Saitama to the moon and all fights, in general, are much shorter.

It is from chapter 47 of the manga things happen in a totally different way. In the webcomic, immediately after Garou fights Tank-top master and Mumen rider goes hunting down the A-class hero Death Gatling, monsters intervene in said battle who call themselves the “Monster Association.” After some more events involving Garou, the fight of the monster association VS the heroes association begins. The heroes also seek to rescue a child kidnapped by the monsters.

On the other hand, after Garou attacks Mumen’s rider, Saitama goes to visit him at the hospital and tells him that Garou is an expert martial artist. Saitama meets Charanko and gives him his ticket to participate in the martial arts super-fight tournament. Saitama believes that there he will learn some martial arts to face Garou.

While Saitama is in the tournament, the monster association attacks multiple cities and many fights are starring different heroes. In these combats, a child is kidnapped (a different one from the webcomic), after all the fights, Saitama must face Suiryu. In the final of the tournament, after the long day, the hero association plans its fight against the monster association and there, the manga and webcomic seem to have almost the same course.


Speaking from the moment the plot changes, let’s list the points that, in my opinion, make each one stand out:


  • The debut of a large number of characters
  • We can see characters in action who had not fought before
  • Nice character redesign
  • Explanation of why some humans turn into monsters
  • The manga has extra chapters that do not alter the main plot.
  • By diverting history, it might surprise us with something.


  • The story is straightforward, skipping a few detours that may seem unnecessary.
  • The personality of some characters seems more interesting (because we see them in other situations)
  • The best, it is explained why Saitama has so much power.
  • There are a couple more mysteries in the webcomic than in the manga.
  • If the story ends in a similar way to the webcomic, we will know what will happen when we read it.
  • The webcomic is free online.


The most accurate conclusion that I can give of both formats is simply that the manga is a perfected version of the one punch man webcomic, not only in the drawing, the plot. However, it takes more detours. It is still interesting since we know more characters and even Saitama at one point takes a backseat.

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