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Calle 13 Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle and Wiki

This set is known for its unique style, a mix of varied rhythms and sounds with controversial, protest and satirical lyrics that incite revelation and appeal to social conscience. Calle 13 quickly became the most awarded Latin American group of its generation without losing its essence. Philanthropists par excellence, they carried out various humanitarian campaigns and provided help where needed, always advocating for the most oppressed. We invite you to discover more about Calle 13 net worth, lifestyle and overall career!

Biography of Calle 13

Calle 13 is a Puerto Rican group that began in 2005, made up of brothers René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo Cabra, known as Residente and Visitante, respectively. Shortly after that, Ileana Cabra Joglar (known as PG-13) joined the group, their half-sister, and acted as the female voice in the group. In the beginning, the group used to post mockups on web pages to promote themselves, waiting for a professional opportunity to reach more people.

The first productions of Calle 13 only included René and Eduardo, the former as a vocalist and composer, and the latter as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. But they would soon be accompanied by the voice of their stepsister Ileana.

calle 13 net worth

Calle 13 net worth

The unique name of this band comes from the identification that René and Eduardo had to give to the guard who guarded the urbanism in which they lived as young people: resident and visitor, respectively. Calle 13 net worth is about 10 million dollars. While PG-13 comes from the classification given to films that should not be seen by children under 13 years of age. In 2006 Calle 13 received an invitation to the MTV Latin America Awards to interpret the song No Hay Igual, in which the Puerto Ricans collaborate with Nelly Furtado. However, they were surprised that night by emerging Promise Artist award winners, catapulting them further to stardom.

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The start of the revolution

At the beginning of their career, they did not have the necessary resources to make a music video or a studio album, so they initially decided to upload their songs to a website. With some time and evident improvement in their melodies, they decided to take a risk and contact a record company. The first to reach out to them thanks to its catchy rhythms and courageous verses was White Lion, led by Elías de León.

Their first single goes on sale in 2005, titled Se vale to-to, which turned out to be quite popular and brought a good degree of recognition to the group. The music video for this song was produced entirely by René and a cousin of his. The White Lion study funded this cut.

Shortly after, they recorded with Julio Ramos – better known as Voltio – the song Chulin culin chunfly, which was very well received, making them local celebrities. That same year, the group launched the single Querido FBI via the internet, work with a strong message of criticism towards the government of his country and the FBI, as a result of the murder of the politician Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, a situation that generated a strong media stir.

Finally, in 2006, his first album was released, entitled Calle 13, which would include the song Atrévete-te-te, which would become the insignia and banner of the Puerto Rican group and would grant them fame and recognition in the international market. They went from being a small band known in their locality to being recognized worldwide and were awarded three Latin Grammys in the best urban music album, best new artist and best short version video.

Calle 13, the undisputed winners

Already with three Latin Grammy Awards in its showcase, the group released, in 2007, its second album, Residente o visitor. The album featured hit songs such as Tango of sin and something meaningful, that positioned this production in the first of the “Top Latin Albums” of Billboard. At the same time, they manage to be winners in the Latin Grammy in the categories of the best urban music album and best urban song.

Later his third album came out, Los detrás venme (2008), which had great successes, such as Nobody like you (in collaboration with Café Tacuba) and La Perla (with the great Rubén Blades ). In 2010 his fourth production went on sale, Entre los que queran, with lyrics aimed at generating social awareness and more folkloric and Caribbean sounds.

Such was the impact of their fourth production that they were nominated in 10 categories, with the victory in 9 of them, setting a new record. This made them the Spanish-speaking band with the highest number of Latin Grammys to date., and consolidated them as one of the great exponents of Latin music.

On their fifth album, MultiViral (2014), they decide to give a strong message with a homonymous song, which talks about media manipulation and how it affects our people. The production featured the collaboration of the controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In 2015, Residente announced through social networks the temporary cessation of the functions of Calle 13, since each member wanted to pursue personal interests, but at the same time denied a definitive separation.

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