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Argentine Footballer Carlos Tevez Net Worth, Lifestyle and Sports Career

Apache Tévez has a history of suffering and overcoming that well deserves to be known. Although he suffered burns in 50% of his body and was orphaned when he was very young, he knew how to get ahead with great resilience. We leave you with the carlos tevez net worth and biography!

Carlos Tevez net worth and biography

Carlos Tévez will always have the thorn of not having won an important title with Argentina. In the two World Cups that participated (2006, 2010), the Albiceleste fell in the quarterfinals. He also reached three finals of the Copa América (2004, 2007, 2015), but none could he emerge as champion. We estimate Carlos Tevez net worth 28 million dollars where salary is about 16 million dollars.

Carlos Tevez net worth

Carlos Alberto Martínez Tévez came to the world on February 5, 1984, in Ciudadela, province of Buenos Aires. At just 10 months old, young Carlitosboiling water fell on his body, which led him directly to the hospital and caused irreversible scars on his neck and part of his face.

The tragedy accompanied Tevez since his mother left him in the process of recovering from his burns. Also, with only 5 years, his father was killed in a shooting, so he had to grow up an orphan.

It was then that he was in charge of his uncles, Segundo Tévez and Adriana Martínez, whom he considers to be his true family. Young Carlitos thus moved to Fuerte Apache, one of the most conflictive neighborhoods in Greater Buenos Aires. If it wasn’t for football, I would have ended up in prison or with a shot in the chest.

It was there that he took his first steps in football; Since he had no money to buy a ball, he hit the stones of the parks as if they were balls.

The idol of Argentina

Finally, Carlos Tévez was able to enter a soccer team, the All Boys Athletic Club. However, when he was presented with the opportunity to play in Boca Juniors, he did not hesitate for a moment.

With the club “xeneize,” he managed to win the Copa Libertadores in 2003, imposing himself in the final on Santos. Boca repeated success in the Club World Cup, after winning AC Milan in the penalty shootout.

In 2004, Tévez won the Olympic gold medal at the Athens Olympics with the Argentine National Team. “El Apache” was the star of the tournament scoring 8 goals in 6 games.

Tevez was forced to leave Boca and sign for Corinthians in 2005 as an investment group owned his rights as a footballer. There it would coincide with the defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano, with whom a great friendship would curdle.

After some problems with the team coach for not allowing them to play a friendly match with Brazil, Mascherano and Tévez would unlink from Corinthians to sign for West Ham United.

Carlos Tévez arrives in Europe

Carlos Tevez net worth

In West Ham, he only played one season, in which he saved his team from relegation with a goal on the last day against Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson witnessed that game and took the license plate to the “Apache.”

Within a few months, Tévez was already a Manchester United player after a two-year assignment agreement with his former club, West Ham.

With the “Red Devils” he managed to win two Premier Leagues. However, his greatest success would come in 2008, after Manchester defeated Chelsea in the Champions League final.

With this triumph in the top European competition, Tévez became one of the few players who have managed to win both the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League.

Before starting the 2009-2010 season, Manchester City decides to take over its services in exchange for 45 million. In his first two years with the “citizens” he managed to shine, but some problems with the coach, Roberto Mancini, left him in the stands.

Last years

Finally, the “Apache” Tévez signed for Juventus of Turin, a team in which he would win two Scudettos in the only two seasons he played.

On July 29, 2014, his uncle was kidnapped. To free him, he had to pay a ransom of 400,000 pesos. After his adventure in Italy, Tévez decided to return to the club of his loves, Boca Juniors. In 2018 he had the opportunity to win the Copa Libertadores again, but River Plate waited for him in the final.

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