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5 Sexual Health Wellness Trends to Know in 2020

Sexual health experiences trends like anything else. So what are the fads and fashions that you can expect to hear more about in the year ahead?

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Sacred Sex

According to wellness forecasters, we’re all going to be having meaningful connections in the coming year and focusing on the intimacy of sex rather than, say, hooking up for the night. Forecasters who apparently know about these things believe that the trends that are focusing on mental wellbeing will shift across into the way that we have sex and focus on a holistic experience. Expect to see therapies, classes and books that encourage couples to nurture those connections.


Yes, it’s not really a trend. We know that it’s been around forever. But this year you can expect it to become more discussed, more mainstream and more female-centred. It’ll certainly be a topic that spans both women’s magazines and the health press as part of a holistic approach to integrated health.

Strong Vaginas

Think less about weightlifting and more about those Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor. Building a stronger pelvic floor helps you to enjoy better orgasms and to avoid issues such as incontinence. The entire topic of pelvic floor health will come to the forefront of health discussions this year as well as related dysfunction issues that can occur through childbirth and other situations. Expect to see more awareness of the role of female-centred physiotherapists and services that support pregnant and post-partum women too.

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Home STI Testing

Ready for London home STI kits that you can use at home? From detecting Chlamydia to identifying BV and other infections, these handy UK and London home STI kits make it quick and simple to keep up to date with your screens. Even better, the results are entirely private and sent to your phone or email, as preferred.


New products will come on to the market which encourage us to reconnect with ourselves and to help women to keep their vaginas in tip-top condition. Look out for sheet masks as the new alternative to the vajazzle of old! For couples, expect to see products such as high-end vegan lube and natural intimate massage oils – not to mention lots of musky soy candles to create that all-important romantic atmosphere.

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