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What problems can occur with your roof

The roof of your property is not something that you can easily look at.  Without the use of a very tall ladder or  if you are lucky to have access to a cherry picker,  there is no way that you will be able to do an in-depth investigation of it. Unfortunately for the most part the first that anyone knows there is a problem with the roof is when there is a leak in it or they can see staining on the ceiling.  If your property is many years old it might be an idea to have a regular check of it’s roof on an annual or bi-annual basis.  What issues can occur with a roof?

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One of the primary issues that can occur with the roof is a breaking or cracking of the tiles.  This can allow moisture to get into the ceiling space and also into the beams that support the roof itself.  This can create enormous problems of mould and mildew and dampness. Another issue with the roof is the beams inside themselves.  If they will not be able to support the weight of snowfall or resist any impact damage should this happen.

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So far we have a look at slanted roofs.  Flat roofs offer even more issues if not treated properly.  a flat roof is not truly flat; it will incline at least one side or  maybe two.  However if there is a collection of water or leak in this it will cause issues.  Regular inspection and cleaning is required.  At least  you can know that if there is a problem with the roof this Roof Repairs Gloucester based firm will be on hand to fix it.

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