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What is a bending machine?

The clever answer to that title would be that it is a machine that bends things but that is far too simplistic an answer, although it is true. Bending machines perform a vital task in our modern society as they are able to apply pressures to metal that means they can bend varying thickness of metal sheeting for ducts, car parts and a variety of manufacturing purposes.

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Cotswold Machinery Sales distribute Bending Machines and you would be suitably surprised at the sheer volume of types available. Here are a few that you can get:

  • U-Bends. The most tricky shape to get right is a heavy duty machine. If you studied geometry at school you’ll be able to understand the mechanics of a bending machine and the U bend requires some complicated work.
  • They talk a lot about geometry in bending and a standard machine works to the standard rules unlike the U-Bend.

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  • Torsion bending. This is for the really difficult stuff, almost bespoke in its requirements. Some pieces of metal need to be bent in specific and complicated ways and this is the machine for it.
  • Edgewise bending. Need that bend to be precise to the exact millimetre? The Edgewise bending is what you need.

And this is just a few!

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