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Watch NCAA Football Live Stream From Anywhere

College football is one of the most watched sporting events by Americans. Many tune in on Saturdays to see their favorite team battle and make a career in the national championship. You may not have a TV or you may not have the channels on your television that stream the games so you can watch them. If this is the case, you no longer have to miss any games because they can be viewed online.

How to watch NCAA football live stream?

To watch the NCAA football live stream, follow the steps.

Step 1

Connect to the Internet and go to YahooSports.Com. Click on the tab at the top of the page that says “College.” A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 2

Click on the option that says “NCAA Football”. Click on “Broadcast.” A calendar will appear telling the games that are in that week and the time they are. Find your favorite team, what day he plays and at what time. The page also indicates which games can be watched for free and which require a subscription.

Step 3

Visit CBSSports.Com and buy an online subscription to the XXL. You will be able to watch every college football game with this subscription, as well as a variety of other college sports events.

Step 4

Visit ChannelSurfing.Net. Browse through its programming form until you find the game you want to watch and click on the link. This service is free.

Following NCAA basketball from Italy is not an easy thing. At the moment, in fact, there are no Italian networks in possession of the rights to broadcast the Division I matches (the last one was FOX Sports in the 2017-18 season). We must rely on the streaming offer that comes from the United States. And it doesn’t have to be said that you should always get your wallet to enjoy college basketball games.

ESPN Player

The American giant launched ESPN + last year, a paid streaming platform that allows you to follow an excellent slice of the university sport with stars and stripes. Unfortunately, this solution is not accessible from Italy (no, not even putting your hand to the VPN).

But there is another tool for fans who don’t live in the States: ESPN Player. Compared to that of ESPN +, the offer here is slightly lower for the number of available games. The difference emerges, however, only when taking into account the matches of medium and low-end teams out of the total of the 353 that make up the DI: the cartel matches broadcast during the year by ESPN, however, are all there.

ESPN Player allows you to follow all the March Madness races despite the fact that in the United States the television rights of the event are shared between WarnerMedia (TBS, TNT, TruTV) and CBS. This is currently the best option to follow the Tournament, indeed the only one, given that the streaming of CBS is blocked for residents abroad and that the broadcasts on NCAA.com are accessible only by subscription to an American cable TV.

In addition to the individual games, ESPN Player offers four thematic channels visible live 24 hours a day: ESPNU, the ACC and SEC conference channels, the one dedicated to Texas Longhorns.

It is possible to subscribe monthly (12 €) or annually (80 €). In both cases, there is a free seven-day trial period available.

The offer of live and on-demand matches is not limited to men’s basketball. This includes a very wide spectrum of NCAA brand sports: women’s basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball and even lacrosse. In short, everything and more!

ESPN Player also presents a wide range of sports documentaries produced by the network in recent years (the famous “30 for 30” series, but not only) and also the possibility of reviewing both the recent “classics” of college basketball and some older ones from the boxing.

Watch the match on Stadium

Here is a solution that allows you to follow the NCAA for free (well, not always). The digital channel has gradually expanded its college basketball offering since its inception in August 2017. The network has coverage agreements with five conferences: C-USA, Mountain West, Patriot League, SoCon, West Coast.

Several games (especially those played between November and December) are broadcast live and available on-demand for free on the official Facebook profile.


Another channel that is expanding the offer relating to NCAA basketball in streaming. Its package includes a large number of races featuring Big Ten and Colonial teams throughout the season. You can subscribe to FloHoops on a monthly ($ 30) or yearly ($ 12.50 a month for a total of $ 150) basis.

Other streaming platforms

There are also platforms managed by individual conferences that offer the possibility of following live and/or deferred matches, usually free of charge. The type of proposal can vary a lot: for example, most of these channels offer only the competitions of the conference season. Furthermore, coverage is not always total. Here is the complete list.

  • Power 6
  • Big 12 – on demand – free
  • Mid-Major
  • America East – direct and on demand – free
  • Atlantic 10 – live – free
  • Big Sky – direct and on demand – free
  • Big West – direct and on demand – free
  • Conference USA – direct and on demand – for a fee
  • Ivy League – direct and on demand – paid
  • Mountain West – direct and on demand – free
  • NEC – direct and on demand – free
  • Patriot League – live – free
  • Southland – direct and on demand – free
  • Sun Belt – direct and on demand – free
  • WAC – direct and on demand – free
  • West Coast – direct and on demand – free

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