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Twelve Films Perfect for Your Netflix Bash with Friends

Films have a way of making people relax, kick out boredom, increase their awareness about world issues, and get comfortable. As a result, you will find people checking the best essay help in determining the latest avenues that can bring them the movie experience like no other. However, with the current pandemic situation and the restrictions it has on socializing. Taking advantage of movie avenues such as the Netflix Party application can allow you to enjoy the latest Netflix movie with friends.

The app has a synchronization feature that allows you and your friends to watch a specific film together and also issue comments for discussion. You can decide and settle for the Avengers, Bird Box, Infinity Wars, etc., with a bosom friend without physically meeting. So what films can you pick for such a movie party?

Movies for Your Netflix Party with Friends

  • Avengers- Infinity War. The Marvel superhero film entails the protagonists trying to stop Thanos (acted by Josh Brolin) from destroying half of the human population by assembling the infinity stones.
  • Snowpiecer (2013). The science-fiction movie entails a storyline that relays a post-apocalyptic situation where survivors have decided to live to live on a moving train as the world has frozen from the cold. It then evolves as a class-clash between the haves and the have-nots in taking over the reins of the train. The film proves entertaining and informative, thereby proving a perfect fit for watching with friends.
  • Space Jam. The film features Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, and Looney Tunes, where they end up playing a basketball game in space to gain their freedom. The film proves perfect to watch with friends because of its appeal to the 90s and 2000s generation.
  • The Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Harrison Ford, who stars as Indiana Jones combats the Nazis in the adventure-packed film. It has a great blend of action and laughter and can prove perfect when it comes to watching with friends on Netflix.
  • Bird Box. The 2018 film starring Sandra Bullock besides Rhodes Star has a story concept of protecting two kids against an unknown entity that influences individuals to kill themselves. Sandra acts as the protector of the kids against this force, and the thriller will station you at your chair’s edge from the beginning to finish.
  • Horns (2013). The film proves a horror thriller where Daniel Radcliffe progresses with his exciting post-Harry Potter role. It involves a man who has horns, and this makes him powerful enough to force them to confess to their darkest and deepest secrets. The story proves compelling and enthralling as the film rolls on.
  • Groundhog Day. The film features a concept where the protagonist repeats living on a similar day till he gets everything right. The film proves a comic but with diverse life lessons. It can prove perfect for watching virtually on the Netflix app with friends.
  • The film borders on horror as a group of individuals wake up to find themselves within a circle. Something keeps killing them after every time limit, with any attempt to leave the circle getting met by death. Further, the protagonists have to allow people to get killed randomly or pick who has to die. The film proves informative, especially on social and political issues in society.
  • The Matrix. The film has an exciting concept of humans getting trapped within a simulated reality of the future. It has a packed action plan and comes with special effects.
  • When We First Met. The movie bases its story on love and time. The protagonist, Adam, loves the best friend as much as she doesn’t know and proves almost marrying someone else. As a result, Adam decides to use a time machine to correct things and profess his love for her to ensure she doesn’t get away from him by marrying the other dude.
  • Homecoming (2019). The concert movie centers on Beyoncé’s Coachella performance of 2018.
  • Hush (2016). The thriller entails a deaf lady who has to escape death from a crazy serial killer who keeps on chasing her around the home.


The twelve films can prove perfect for you and your friends to enjoy during these tough pandemic periods.

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