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The main causes of land contamination.

Land and the landscape is of paramount importance to our’s and the planet’s species for survival. What happens if the land itself becomes contaminated? How to deal with contaminated land is an emotive subject but there are many Contaminated Land Remediation companies that can solve this problem in a number of novel ways. What are the most common causes of land contamination?

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  1. Too much farming. The use of pesticides and industrial farming techniques can really poison a field. The short term gains from increased food yield are offset completely by the costs afterwards.
  2. Rubbish that doesn’t rot away. Non recyclable plastic like cellophane wrap and recyclable things such as tins put to landfill can also cause huge contamination issues if left untreated.
  3. Mining. This is one of the worst as the excavation will throw up untold bad minerals  and general dirt into the land or water systems if not controlled.
  4. Construction work. The waste from building sites is a prime example of contamination when left in the soil.

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  1. Nuclear Waste. Nuclear power stations are not as “clean” as you‘d, or the government likes to think. Plutonium is a constant issue of disposal after the rods in a power station are used up.

These are just a few issues that companies can and do deal with.

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