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The History Of Calvin Klein Fragrance

In 1977, the fashion houseĀ  released their first Calvin Klein Menswear line. The menswear being backed by Maurice Lacroix, who signed a fifteen-year licensing agreement with Calvin Klein to release Calvin Klein Menswear Inc. The menswear line became an immediate success and you can find pieces from places such as Louis Boyd.

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Klein tried several styles in the menswear line, but always returned to the elegant and timeless design, and continued to create new designs and new scents. Two designers that Klein worked with during his first year in business were Christopher Kane and Ralph Lauren. The two of them worked on different perfumes, and while both of their perfumes sold well, they also contributed to the notion of designing a fragrance that could escape the staid and conservative world of traditional menswear. They introduced the idea of wearable art, and this concept was used in their Calvin Klein perfume, and also in their clothing line.

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One of the most difficult times for the fashion industry was the period immediately following the turn of the twenty-first century, and this is where the obsession with designer fragrances really took off. Luxury designers loved the idea that a designer could create a scent that anyone could wear, that anyone could define themselves by wearing. This type of obsession eventually influenced every other designer that worked in the industry as well. Calvin Klein was able to continue to create an icon in menswear, and helped to make the label one of the most popular fragrances around. Their success led to Calvin Klein being able to create even more limited edition collections.


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