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The benefits of using metal shelving

In any realm where storage and access to goods is important, whether storing Mountfield Spares or boxes of clothing, shelving will be an important bit of kit. While shelves can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, there are reasons that metal – and steel in particular steel – is the best material for your shelves.

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Easy to clean and repair

Generally, metal shelving is less labour intensive than other types. It is easier to install, easier to keep clean, and easier to repair should that be necessary. Metal shelves are durable and hard wearing, so it is likely that they will motor on for years without needing any significant attention.

Wrought iron is sometimes used for shelving, but its look is a big part of its attraction, and it is mainly used in the domestic sphere. It is durable but can rust if exposed to moisture. Chrome wire is another solid choice for utility shelving, and its open design means it is easy to clean.

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The deal on steel

Steel shelving is very common as steel is a popular material that can be used in a wide range of environments, from offices to homes, sheds and warehouses. Even when it is working hard, the pared-back aesthetic of steel will always look appealing.

Incredibly versatile, there are different types of steel available, and various designs of shelving. It can withstand extremes of temperature and is resistant to corrosion. It is a high-precision material that can also be used to produce excellent blades and knives. For a guide to some of the best chef’s knives available, see this report from The Telegraph.

While appearance can be important with shelving, its usefulness is ultimately what people depend on most. Metal shelving can be depended on to reliably and durably store all kinds of items with minimal fuss. Whether you want a streamlined style or something more ornate, metal shelving offers huge variety and can look smart in a number of environments, seamlessly combining form and function.

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