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Microsoft office 365 product key 2018 (Tested and 100% Working)

Microsoft Office 2018 is the term used to talk about Office 365. It is a Microsoft Office suite, which has been operating since the...

How to Uninstall F.lux Windows With the Automatic Uninstaller Tool

Are You Having Problems Uninstalling f.lux from Your System? Are you getting "can't uninstall f.lux" and like errors when trying to uninstall f.lux? And,...

How to Ping a Port Number? Easily Scan Ports With Tcping

On Linux systems, the quintessential tool for scanning and discovering hosts is Nmap. Today we show how to ping a port number with TCPing...

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing? Discover Reasons and Solution

There are many reasons why your computer may be freezing with some regularity. We do not refer to a matter of low temperatures. The...

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